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With a max drag of 11 pounds, feel free to put trophy smallmouth in your sights, or go after largemouth —the spool is braid-ready for bigger fish. But many bass anglers say it performs quite well, and smooth casting doesn’t seem to be an issue. The rod features a strong, one-piece graphite blank with split grip handles and American Tackle Airwave guides. Three basic rod setups. The push-button reel allows them to learn how to cast without having to worry about a bail. They have plenty of backbone and get the job done. If you’re using your bass fishing rod and reel from the bank looking to sling a plastic frog to the center-pond lily pads, the extra range you get from a baitcaster will come in handy. There’s the ongoing question and debate —does the number of ball bearings matter? It comes as a 2-piece rod, which gives it a slight disadvantage. If you want to fish deep with crankbaits or jigs this setup won’t hold you back. It delivers a max drag of 20 pounds, which is pretty hefty. The Revo reel packs 7 stainless steel ball bearings and a protective IM-C6 carbon body, which translates into fluid casting and durability. While you're here, why not follow us on Facebook and YouTube? Learn more about the Tackle Test team, how the gear was tested, fishing for big bass on Lake Picachos and more below If having more bearings makes you feel all warm and cuddly inside, there are other tandems out there with a higher number. But it took time to perfect the art and I went through some growing pains. Baitcasting reels can cast lures from ⅛ oz all the way up to 2-3 oz with the turn of the spool tensioner. The rod weighs around 4.5 oz — the price of the ST. Croix Avid rod is a bit on the expensive side. The Lew’s Mach Crush Speed Spool SLP baitcasting rod and reel is ready to provide anglers with smooth and reliable fish-fighting power. Other types of reels cause the line to come off the spool in a circular motion…. Not having enough weight in the lure can result in a backlash due to the spool over-spinning and line wrapping itself upon the spool. As well as popular inshore species like redfish, speckled trout and flounder with a rinse after fishing. The rod guides are the loops that run the length or your rod, and they play a big part in durability and function —especially in spinning setups. Deep-water fishing won’t be an issue either, as this setup has 7.3:1 gear ratio which indicates a fast and smooth retrieve. It has a 7.3:1 gear ratio, so expect a fast and smooth retrieve with larger lures. Baitcasters generally have higher line retrieves. This is the best advice that we can give you if you are new to bass fishing and you want to set up your rod and reel correctly for the first time. It’s also fast-action so it has good sensitivity at the tip, with a strong backbone. Now you know some of the more reliable ones on the market, and how to choose the right one. They start with a Toray IM7 rod blank in 6 lengths and actions. Basically, I know which ones suck and which ones are worth buying. This setup is killer in lots of ways —especially if you’re going after trophy fish. The cheaper plastic eyelets tend to chip and cause your line to snap when casting. Fiberglass rods have the most bend which is why many “slow-action” rods are made of it. Now I want to dive into some other key factors for choosing the right tandem —. But the lighter topwater lures and smaller finesse type baits are harder to cast. The main difference in drag design is that a baitcaster’s max drag is based on the strength of its gears. A powerful center disc drag, diecast aluminum large arbor reel pre-loaded with backing. That’s stout enough to land trophy bass, but don’t get crazy and go after 30-pound stripers —the drag isn’t built for monsters like that. Overall it’s good for running spinners by weed lines and deepwater jigging —and you can get it without breaking your wallet. Some people say it can be hard to perfectly adjust the brakes, so some initial patience may be required. I’ve been using this type of setup for years, so I know how to cast a baitcaster ten times over. It also has Versa-Drag carbon fiber washers that reduce friction. But the heavier fishing rod and reel combo options have lower gear ratios, which hurts when it comes to deepwater tactics. These rods start bending near the bottom —then the tip catches up, so it bends collectively. Hi, I’m Jon and I created Cast & Spear because I believe everyone deserves to catch fish. Each model has steel guides with zirconium inserts for added strength. Backing: 30#; Line: 400 Grain, dual-color switch line; Leader: 12′ 0X Tapered Monofilament (one leader loaded on a reel and one spare leader). For those with more experience, pick a baitcasting rod and reel, which will allow you to use heavier lures and lines for bigger bass. With a max drag of 11 pounds, it can handle a hog —but if you’re looking to land stripers then you may need a reel with a heavier drag. It’s one-piece poles, which is a good thing because there are less vulnerable points along the rod. Right off the bat, the reel packs 9 ball bearings which is the highest on my list. See how fun it is to catch a smallmouth hog on Trion Spinning gear. This is a bit higher-priced option, but if you’re serious about your fishing you still won’t mind the modest invest… Inside the left rod locker, Crews usually keeps 25 to 30 rods rigged and ready to go. A rod’s “action” is basically how much bend it has —. By design, spinning reel spools place less resistance on fishing line —so lightweight lures like jigs, poppers and beetle-spins can fly further. Composite is a combination of graphite and glass and is one of the best options for striper rods. This could easily replace the number three option on our list because of the Japanese Toray Graphite. But it still has a fast-action tip, so it maintains a good amount of stiffness. Wild Water’s 7 Weight Complete Switch Rod Starter Package comes with everything you need to hook into a largemouth bass, pike or steelhead. The reel also has aluminum main gear and crankshaft so it’s light and strong —ideal for traveling and hitting back-river creeks. Shakespeare does anglers everywhere a solid by giving them a quality bass fishing rod and reel at an affordable price. 7-foot, 6-inch heavy-power baitcaster combo (extra-fast action) Main purpose: Flipping, pitching, punching, frog rod and swimbaits; 6-foot, 9-inch medium-power baitcaster combo (extra-fast action) Main purpose: topwaters and jerkbaits Here are the advantages and disadvantages of both —. In fact, this combo is so impressive that it was voted the best rod and reel combo at ICAST 2017 in Orlando, Florida! its aluminum main gear and crankshaft make it extremely light and durable…. So if the spool turns 6.2 times per 1 crank of the handle, the reel has a 6.2:1 gear ratio. The Shakespeare reel has a gear ratio of 6.2:1, so you get a high retrieve rate —handy for bottom-fishing or frantic lure presentations. If you really want a great rod and reel setup for trolling crankbaits very deep, you cannot go wrong with the Bass Pro Shops CatMaxx. KastKing Sharky III Spinning Fishing Rod Reel Combos, 5. This long and easy casting reel will quickly become your favorite reel and will be perfectly matched to the rod length and weight. It also gives anglers early detection and a stiff backbone so they can set the hook at the right time. When you cast with a baitcasting setup the line tends to rotate, which makes the lure drift back towards you as it sinks in the water. Couple that with titanium guides with Zirconium rings and you’re talking a serious bass stick. Also, the larger models have longer rods that help with longer casts and bigger fish — but it comes at a higher price tag. It sports a 5.2:1 reel ratio and a max drag of 8 pounds, which is kind of mediocre —but you can still throw on some braided line and go after some hogs. And the pole is graphite composite which is ideal for battling monster bass. Spinning combos have rear drag systems, which are located in a more convenient spot. A: The Abu Garcia Black Max Baitcaster comes in as best for 2018. Also, its aluminum main gear and crankshaft make it extremely light and durable —so it’s a smart pick for camping and fishing trips. So yeah, largemouth or even stripers are fair game and this duo can handle them. Take your pick from medium-fast to extra-fast, and medium to heavy power. If mid-size bass are on the menu then the shorter pole will do just fine — the reel that’s just 6.9 ounces and the rod is light and strong. Enigma rods are trusted by bass professionals like Tim Fredericks, Jesse Tacoronte, Shane Lineberger, and John Murray. We are going to explore some of these rod and reel setups. The reel in this package will arrive set up for LEFT hand retrieve but can easily be changed to right hand retrieve if desired. Here you will find various rod and reel combos to suit all styles off fishing and budgets. You will not have to worry about mechanical issues with reels or rods breaking under the stress of one of these hard fighting fish. This is a duo designed for bass and light saltwater angling. All... FUJI FISHING LINE GUIDES for superior casting distance, and... ONE PIECE bass technique lengths & actions are designed with... Rod features 35% more graphite for lighter weight, Ugly tuff one-piece stainless steel guides. See how smooth, strong and bad-ass the Ugly Stik Elite Combo truly is. Best Fishing Rod and Reel Combos For The Money, Ugly Tech Construction for better rod sensitivity, 9 models cover a wide range of powers and sensitivity, MagTrax casting brake for pinpoint accuracy, Drag setting can be difficult to get right, Instant anti-reverse drag for heavier bass, IM-6 graphite frame bass rod that holds up, Takes a little time to learn to cast it properly, Instant anti-reverse can mess up backreeling, Many reports of poles damaged during shipping, Powerful carbon fiber drag system —20-pound max drag, 9 stainless steel ball bearings –highest ball bearing count, 2-piece bass rod —more vulnerable to snapping, Braking system can be hard to get perfect, Ugly Stik Clear Tip may not offer much sensitivity, Lack of options for different rod length and action. You don’t have to enter a bass tournament to enjoy this tournament ready rod. To improve my bass fishing game, I decided to do in-depth research into the ultimate system for crankbaits. Spinning rods often have reel handles for right and left-handed anglers, so you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong one. It’s hard to find another rod that can give you the level of control for the price. The best bass reels, on the other hand, are created from corrosion-resistant metal with stainless steel internals and shielded bearings. The main advantage of a reel with a high gear ratio is that it gives you faster, more fluid retrieves —which saves you time and energy and is pretty crucial if you’re into all-day fishing trips. The pole has a stout backbone that wears bass out, and Ugly Tuff steel guides that won’t snap with a lunker on the line. It helps a lot when you’re bottom-fishing with plastic worms and jigs, or using a lure that demands a faster presentation. John Crews. In my opinion fishing for largemouth is best done with a baitcasting setup. It works for a wide range of lures and is perfect for catching big smallmouth and lunker largies. Q: What is the best fishing rod and reel combo for beginners? The downside to the bass rod being stiffer is a loss of flexibility and finesse ability. Baitcasting reels are used by the masses in order to cast baits accurately into the tightest of places. The reel’s level winds make the spool-line lay evenly when you’re reeling in your lure. Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite Baitcast Combo, 9. This tandem comes with an impressive 24-ton graphite bass rod as well and packs corrosion-resistant guides. The “Elite” bass rod has been upgraded over its predecessor, the GX2. Graphite is more likely to break than the aforementioned fiberglass materials, yet it’s still undeniably reliable. Roll with the shorter model for largemouth bass and the 7-footer for trout or stripers. The blanks are constructed from 24-ton carbon and come in a variety of lengths, actions and power ratings to accommodate a variety of fishing. The reel’s 6.2:1 gear ratio also gives it a quick retrieve rate which is good for deep-water jigging and frantic lure presentations. The best rod and reel combo for bass fishing combines elements of simplicity, lightweight design, and durability. The higher the number, the faster the retrieval rate. Baitcasters help all types of line sail with ease and purpose —no matter how thick or thin the line is.

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