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Anyone have an idea? How long should you beat the eggs for? All the tips in this thread were very appreciated! at whole foods it’s about 10 bucks or so for a very small bag. I did not have all the ingredients handy but I had 250 grams of almond paste and decided to use it and see what would happen. We love these flourless and butterless cakes! I have resisted buying a food processor because I just don’t have room for it. Your thoughts? :). Didn’t realize till just now that it can use up some of the expensive almond meal. But right out of the oven it is fantastic. Thanks for passing on this unique recipe! I made this cake last night. I am amazed. I used one cup of coconut and the rest pepitas. Stacey, thank you so much for the agave hint! This cake sounded amazing! I checked it at 30 min. Does it seem like a reasonable or good substitution? Even though I ran out of almonds and had to substitute some cake flour, the cake remained incredibly moist with had a bold and almost buttery taste — my family couldn’t believe the ingredient list once I told them. I tried a very similar recipe out a few months ago here, Would absolutely recommend buying pre-roasted almonds (unsalted) and not attempting to use raw. any tips on how to grind almonds would be much appreciated…is it impossible to do without a food processor? You can get baking powder that’s kosher for passover, and this looks like it will be an awesome addition to my passover menu. this looks fantastic! But see Comments #62, 239, 245, 301… maybe it’s not.). However, I hand-chopped the almonds into tiny pieces, because of my lack of a food processor. PS: I plan to make this again as a desert for Chinese New Year later this month! Thanks for all the great food! There is no need to boil the mandarins/clementines. Tried this recently and it was delicious, SO moist! I think I’m going to add a glaze or top it with some cream cheese! Clementines are not in season here right now. I’ve recently moved in with my girlfriend (a big deal), and finding myself jobless I have taken it upon myself to be the best ‘housewife’ I can be. Chocolate and orange … yummy. Wow – that is a beauty. I also thought the texture was a little off-but as long as you aren’t expecting a cake texture, it’s not disappointing, just a thing of it’s own. Don’t have clementines but here in New Orleans I have a tree overloaded with Satsumas! For the love of god, don’t ever try using those. I can eat several boxes of clementines (5-6 or more) every winter. Made it! And so few ingredients … what else can you ask for? I’ve made a version of this before – very yummy… intensely citrus-y and moist. This is what we get at our farmers market, & while we can get clemintines there too, the Satsumas are better and organic. And pretty, too, with a dusting of powdered sugar and some clementine twist on each slice of cake. You don’t often find a name with your name on it! Just to note, I’ve come across a few recipes like this where you boil the whole citrus and use ground almonds – I’ve made one with oranges before and have a couple of recipes for it from different magazines – so I don’t know if it’s necessarily a specific enough recipe to have been directly “borrowed” from Bill Granger or Claudia Roden, though I’m guessing Roden’s original orange recipe may have been where this type of cake recipe first came up. And I only managed to use one in baking (rosemary muffins). It looks beautiful! anyway, I feel some clemintine (or blood orange, or manderine, or lime…) cupcakes coming on! When he learns its name he will understand. The only thing that’s ever affected it negatively is the clementines themselves–sometimes you get an insipid batch without flavor. I had to bake the rest in small creme brulee dishes. It turned out beautifully. Baking seemed to take the full hour in a 9″ springform. Also, it’s a good idea to measure the amount of puree your 4 clementines produce – some are larger than others, and the amount can be varied next time if it comes out too soggy. Then I quickly beat the cold eggs, add all dry ingredients at once, mix, then quickly add the cooled and already pureed clementines. Okay… Now, this is one of the most amazing cake I have ever baked!!! I’ve made this several times – the last couple of times I have covered the top with a thin layer of dark chocolate ganache. When I used the navel oranges, I quartered them first. Michele — I hadn’t realized it was from Claudia Roden. I don’t have a food processor, though, and my blender never seems to do the trick. One asked me to make it for her a week later she liked it so much! As a result, while the 9″ turned out fine (beautiful golden on all sides), the 8″ adhered to the sides of the springform and ripped way huge amounts when I undid it. I really like these clementine cakes. Since then my family has gone gluten free also. I took all the abandoned ones home on Friday and made this cake to bring back to work – it is a beautiful cake. Nigella’s recipe says it will 60 minutes. If you enjoyed this then the chocolate orange cake in Feast is also great and always gets demolished pretty quickly. I’ve made it myself and really enjoyed it. Then finely chop the skins, pith, and fruit in the processor (or by hand, of course). My mini food processor gave out years ago (after a long and useful life), and I’ve never replaced it. Would a regular cake pan work as well, just not be so pretty? Keep it up! ), and I’m wondering if I did something wrong, because mine was not very good at all. Orthophenylpnenol, thiabendazole and imazalil. Buy them! *drools* seriously…. Happy Baking. It may take a while, but it should work. I grind the nuts in the blender a few batches at a time. I just spotted your blog, and I cannot stop flipping from one recipe to another.. this is an amazing blog!!!! For his 15th birthday this year, he asked if we could make a clementine cake together and watch the movie. I left it in the oven for 40 and will probably leave it in for 50 next time because the bottom is a little too moist. When I tried taking the ring off, some of the batter had seeped and burned around the base [thus the smell]. Oh well, I went ahead, and I’m very pleased with the result! Next time I make it, I’ll also try adding a bit of flour for more robustness, along the lines of the version shown here:, I tried out this recipe last nite! I’m also thinking it could use some booze (of course), but I’m undecided about which…any thoughts from the peanut gallery? Deb, I’ve not had a microwave since my first and only one broke some 23 or so years ago. I used a 9 in springform and it was perfect at 40 minutes. 4. I just made this cake with a summertime substitution of fresh peaches, not boiled or peeled, but chopped fairly fine. i received a bunch of homegrown tangerines and put five of them to good use with this recipe (only another 18 to go!). as you suggested, and covered the top with foil at that point, because it was already a nice golden brown. (Check occasionally to make sure you don’t need to add more boiling water. I used 5 clementines, and an 8″ springform pan. Just read your whole note on this cake, and saw your reference to Shaker Lemon Pie, sorry for the repetition. My friend had a good suggestion for all of the left-over clementines. I made a simple chocolate icing to go on top and it tasted just like one of those holiday chocolate oranges. Great work, as usual. The Instant Pot is a game-changer here: clementines + 1 c. water for 12 minutes on high pressure + manual release gave a perfect result (cool them completely before proceeding). The edges and bottom got rather dark, but they are a lovely, caramel-y delicious “crust.” I barely waited for it to cool, made a quick glaze of powdered sugar and grapefruit, and served it to some stragglers in my house of ages between 15 and 19. What a huge payoff for such a simple recipe! This is for sure going on my list of “to-bake-soon” recipes. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. And he’s such a lovely writer. Your email address will not be published. I have a feeling this cake might end up at the Christmas dessert table :). Paleo Nut-Free No-Bake Cookies. try trader joe’s 4 the almonds I have cooked both the clementines and the orange in a bowl of water in the microwave and it seems to work just fine with no bitterness, just start with a couple of minutes and keep going until they are thoroughly softened. Of course I burnt the clementines during the boiling phase but I just cut the burnt bits off after cooling them (and before smushing) and I can honestly say I could not detect a hint in the cake. Could this be made into a loaf pan instead? That’s exactly what it was missing…cohesiveness. All I can say is WOW! So I don’t think about it. I also find that this recipe benefits tremendously from the addition of 1/4 t. salt — the cake tastes flat to me when made as written, but a little salt makes a big difference. Thank you so much for this recipe. Flip-flops? Thanks for the recipe and great site!! We are going through something like a box a week now and when they are gone from the stores I will CRY. ), but that’s alright with me. This is why in the recipe notes I did admit that this hadn’t been my favorite cake on the site. Thank you for pointing out I can use the bagged almond stuff. as far as a substitute for the ground almonds goes, try almond meal. Browned beautifully without covering with foil…looks really pretty. I’ve been a bit clementine obsessed around here too. Giulia — I’ve only used a bit of flax meal in things like smoothies and soups, never for anything where texture is of concern. Thanks, and thanks for all the great recipes! :). Well phooey! The 9″ was done around 50 minutes (perfect), the 8″ went in for a full 60 minutes. I am making this cake right now…with fingers crossed. Maybe I didn’t get the almonds ground finely enough. She used 10-12 cuties to the 8 in Nigellas recipe). This looks like it would be tasty — if only my kitchen wasn’t so cold and I wasn’t so lazy… chopping up whole clementines by hand (as I have no food processor or blender) seems a little daunting. However, I don’t think I let it cool enough before handling and that may have been my issue. It will change your life just like a KitchenAid standing mixer. I have only made the recipe with ground nuts and would be nervous to make swaps with a recipe that gets all of it’s structure from the nuts. Next time (and there WILL be a next time! Re, the texture of the cake: I wholly agree. Do you normally get a straw sent out it to ? I got to try it for this weekend. But now that I’ve cut into it, it’s so wet, it’s almost like a pudding or souffle, especially in the middle … is this the wet texture people have commented on, or have I grossly underbaked it? best wishes from vienna. Has anyone else tried this with lemons? And to think, I was up to my eyeballs in clementines about a week ago….now, I have none! This cake is great with meyer lemons and pre-ground almond meal. Can you use almond flour instead of almond meal in this recipe? It might change the appearance a bit, and could possibly make it the tiniest of twinges more bitter, but I wouldn’t really worry about either thing. i wrote about it here and linked to this recipe. I cooked the clementines for two hours and pureed them completely, but this was still WAY too bitter – the peel flavor overpowered everything else. It is ridiculously moist, not bitter and surprisingly popular at a dinner party. The syrup might not be necessary, as you say, but it takes lusciousness and appearance up a notch, especially if caramelized julienned peel is added. Making this orange cake tomorrow…or tonight after I eat your Cuban Arroz con Pollo….which smells fantastic BTW!! I know I’m late to the game here, but excited to cut into heaven. It wasn’t. I did not change anything about the cooking time or temperature. Nothing the recipe can do about that. So I didn’t stumble upon your page today until almost EIGHT O’ CLOCK AT NIGHT, but I’m hoping you’ll wade down to the end of the comments to answer a question that’s been bugging me: When recipes ask you to line a springform pan, does that just mean the bottom, or also the sides? Flavor is interesting, cake is wet, lots of cake left. I also adjusted the sugar to 1 1/4 cups. You have the perfect combo! Sivan, This looks yummy and I am eager to try it. It made my night! You know, the cake that works for breakfast or as a mid-afternoon snack; the kind of cake that has just the right touch of sweetness and pairs well with a strong cup of tea. Required fields are marked *. :). Turned out delish! I used mandarin oranges instead of clementines, and it turned out a bit bland. not 2 1/3 c. almonds ground? That it is — quite moist. This looks absolutely amazing!! This is the first time I’ve seen this site. My first time posting, but your blog is my favorite of all the food ones I read. Even better this time. I enjoy the texture, which is very similar to other ground almond cakes I’ve made (which strangely always come from British cooks, e.g. I love clementines, but I never think to bake with them. It rose very well. I don’t know if you got it, but let me know what you think. Decorate with chocolate and dried flowers for spring. My grandma just sent me TWO DOZEN of them and I’m looking for ways to use them up (other than plain old eating them or juicing them and freezing the juice). Deb, it’s -20 degrees here in Minnesota right now, enjoy your 20 above! Delicious! Hm, I’ll edit that in. Deb-can I microwave the clementines? One question about mixing the eggs? Can I substitute the clementines with other citrus fruits like oranges, lemons or grapefruit? You will not know it is gluten free at all, my family loves this cake…I beat the egg whites and simmer the oranges with some sugar and vanilla, just in case of bitterness, as all clementines vary in sweetness. Hmm sounds great! . Rating. I will try it again and leave out two rinds and add clementine zest for flavour. (And thank you a million times over for smitten kitchen!). I tasted the cake last night (meh), and again this AM (less on the meh). Did not have to use powdered sugar since the cake looks so nice just as it is!!! Oh man… this is a perfect treat for the cast of the show I’m working on right now. I splurged on a bag for a recipe a few months ago that I did not enjoy and was kicking myself, wondering what to do with the rest of the stuff. The cake’s texture was gritty. This cake came out fabulous! What do you think this would taste like if the clementines were raw? I really think the brown rice flour made a big difference, if the other comments are anything to go by. When cooking the clementines I got the scent of cooked straw ( i know this smell because of paper making ) I got this same smell when I made your orange candy rinds as well. I’ll be honest, my love for cooking and photography is what drew me to your site! 9. I made this cake tonight using a standard 9″ round cake pan, buttered parchment on the bottom, baked for 40 minutes. Do you think that you could boil and process the clementines, and then freeze them? Ditto comment #129- didn’t care for the texture of the cake, because I ground the almonds myself probably. AND, it works for restrictions like gluten-free and Passover (with kfp baking powder). Panya- SUCH a cool idea! I baked it for 35 minutes uncovered, then another 20…it was a little burnt around the edges, but barely noticeable….could easily cut around the cake to remove the burnt bits. Stacey Snacks. I bought the sweetened coconut because that was all they had at my store, but I’m glad I did because I think it offset a bit of the bitterness from the rinds. Tried the cake with walnuts, too bitter; with pecans, too oily. I baked it at 375 for 15 minutes, then turned it down to 300 and baked for 45 minutes total, putting foil on top of the cake at 30 minutes into the bake time. Thanks so much, Deb, for your full discussion & adaptation of Nigella’s cake. This cake took 15 minutes besides boiling the clementines, I followed the recipe used 4 small clementines 375grams and it turned out delicious!!! It looks so good! This is a common problem in gluten-free baking, and one way to get around it is to beat as much air as possible into any dough or batter. Mix well, adding the chopped clementines. ok…someone else might have commented about this already but it’s late and i don’t want to read through all the comments: do you know a place to buy cheap alond flour/meal? I so worded that wrong! And thank you for the time your advice. Thanks again for a great recipe, Deb. Re: Avi and the pesticide question. I’ve been longing to make this and just found ground almonds in the market — at $15 for a bag!!! It came out as described, firm & moist. I do so only if they aren’t the seedless variety but not for any particular reason except perhaps because it’s then a little easier to remove the seeds (OK and because I adore Nigella). I ground the almonds with about 1/3 cup of Splenda so they wouldn’t turn oily, then used the 3/4 cup of agave that was recommended earlier. As always, and especially in this time, so grateful for your site! Most Whole Foods and other gourmet and natural stores carry Bob’s Red Mill products. When it says to finely chop the clementines in the processor, when it is finished, should it look pureed or look like small chunks? Instant Pot Smoked Sausage and Black-Eyed Peas, Grilled Corn and Avocado Salad With Feta Dressing, epicurious (Recipes from Gourmet & Bon Appetit), A Quick Trip to New Jersey and New York City, Trip to California and up the California and Oregon coasts. I’m figuring that might improve the texture a bit (and taste good too). oh, wow this is right on time. Highly recommended! (Springforms usually have 3-inch sides; most standard cake pans are only 2 inches tall.). found the recipe here: Some other recipes cook them for only 30 minutes. I tasted the batter and was sad the boiling took away some of the fragrance of the Meyers, so I added in the zest of 2 more Meyers before putting in pans to bake. The batter was *very* soupy. I can’t really pinpoint what it is I don’t like about it. I finally got around to making this tonight. I’m thinking about trying it with Meyer lemons soon! This cake got RAVE reviews at a dinner party on Saturday; there was one tiny slice left. I didn’t even deseed them because i’m being a major bum. Absolutely fabulous! Manischewitz also lists many substitutions for Passover. But you’ve inspired me to try again, especially since I have some almond meal in the cupboard left over from a failed macaron baking attempt! Hi Deb! The idea of the boiling is not to make them soft, but to remove much of the bitterness from the peels. Yours turned out really lovely. Keep an eye out at Amazon or I was being pretty unscientific about the conversions and used (I think) three and a half fairly large peaches. Served it with a little vanilla ice cream and it tasted like a orange creamsicle! Obvious point but it’s also always worth tasting the fruit you’re about to cook before you cook it. Definitely moist, and tasted delicious unadorned…but that’s not too say that it’s not amazing with a local goat-milk caramel sauce…yum! Ohhhh, that’s a good one. One question: my boyfriend is horribly allergic to nuts. 2 cups (224g) almond flour. I’m certain it will be a hit! It’s probably about time I comment here and fully acknowledge my blog crush on you…. This did make the texture of the cake a little different than many expected, and that was the only critique from others – that the texture was unfamiliar. My finicky grandfather, who never takes leftovers, said he’d be more than happy to take ALL of the leftover cake if we didn’t want it (I sent him home with a giant slice, which he was very happy about). A cake with my favorite clementine. You should try making the cake with seville oranges, it’s a popular variation in Aus :). The texture is really odd for sure. If I don’t wuss out and buy ground almonds elsewhere, I might just bust out the cheese grater and try Tres Amie’s suggestion. A-MAZING. Thanks! Yay, a naturally gluten-free cake. ;). Great book by the way ! 2. You’re right… this is quite an interesting cake. I used meyer lemons and oranges instead of clementines. I think that would make things even better, adding that little extra dimension that would really set it off. ½ teaspoon sea salt =). ¤¤Allergy Warning¤¤ One of our student workers with a gluten allergy begged me for the recipe. Thanks so much. Lining the bottom helps you slide the cake out — or flip it out, over and peel it off, which I now realize this recipe doesn’t say to do. baked in a 9 inch tart pan. I’m making this as a birthday cake tomorrow. I love this cake. Someone wrote in the comments that it was bland, but mine came out SUPER flavorful. Lucky me :) Three years on, we are currently midst the ‘blizzard of 2016’ (admittedly the year is young! This is going on my list of things to try, along with the gluten free chocolate financiers that I have bookmarked. It’s cooling on a wire rack right now. Update: The cake was amazing! I will try it! I just made this as a cupcake! I am so sad that the clementines are pretty much out of season. It was even a little too sweet for my taste, perhaps the clementines I had were too sweet. HOWEVER, the smell of boiling citrus fruit is incredibly refreshing in the kitchen :). I am pleased to report the cake with coconut sugar created a depth of flavor that is wonderful! Gluten intolerant guests, anyone? While the glaze might not have been necessary for taste it made for an artful presentation. Thanks for a great recipe again, and stop by to see my Scandinavian cooking sometimes! Anyway, I know you like things that are quick so thought you’d appreciate my tip. Love clementines as well. Next time I think I’ll line the sides of the pan with parchment. I do not own an 8″ springform, so made it in an 8″ loose-bottomed pan, with sides maybe 1 1/4″ high, so I couldn’t fit the whole recipe in it. Do I need to decrease the amount of eggs? When you candy orange or other citrus peels, they’re usually boiled in plain water two or three times before they’re candied, again, to get some of the bitterness out. Cool the cake completely on rack before turning it out on a serving plate. It’s going to be 20 degrees on Friday. (gee, does that defeat the purpose of the whole avoiding-sugar thing? Do let us know if you try it — I am sure others would like to hear how it comes out as well. Can you make the clementine purée and freeze it to use at a later date? Has anyone found them cheaper? Ours rose very well in a 9″ springform pan. Worked perfectly. Also my almonds had skins on. Add the eggs, honey, almond flour, sea salt, and baking powder to the food processor and process until everything is well-combined. I *may* try it again at a lower temperature. A friend showed me this and I make it for my husband birthday yesterday — used clementines and lemons –It is sooooooooo good — thank you, Looks and sounds sooo good. I looked a bit into it now and saw that by roasting the dates in the oven and then grinding them in the food processor, it makes a dark, date sugar. 1. Awsome! Hi! It has crushed and blended everything I’ve thrown in it. baklava babka; banana bread crepe cake with butterscotch; banana toffee cake; bee sting cake; best birthday cake; better chocolate babka; big crumb coffee cake; bittersweet chocolate and pear cake; black-bottom cupcakes; blood orange olive oil cake; blood orange, almond and ricotta cake; blueberry boy bait I had to use a ten inch pan and since this is just a test I threw in a handful of dark chocolate mini chunks. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. <3. Excellent recipe! Do you have any suggestions for what I might be I am a huge clementine fan, ever since tasting my first ones in France 12 years ago. I cooked this recipe a few years ago: It’s going to make a perfect foil to the luxurious rabbit ragu I’m serving. I did it for that long and the outside looked really done, but the inside was super moist!!! It took about 15min til they were done.i was worried they wouldn’t be the same as boiling for so long. I will be making those soon! I have made something similar with oranges (recipe by Donna Hay) but the recipe called for butter. Jamie Oliver — probably because they work so well for Tea). Here in Romania, even whole almonds are hard to find, but walnuts are abundant. I definitely could taste the almonds too – I’ll definitely grind them finer next time, if I make it. It is going to a birthday party tomorrow so I candied some thinly sliced clementines and then dipped them half way in dark chocolate to go on top of the cake. I have been wanting to try it, but too scared that it wouldn’t work out. Did you happen to hear if anyone found a solution? I am sure you’ll get better flavor if you lightly toast them first. Looking forward to trying different variations on this with other citrus. made a version of this last week with a pound of tiny satsumas from my tree. When I checked on it at 40 minutes (because I think you should start checking on any baked good at the 2/3 mark) it was done. I may add another 1/4 cup of sugar next time for a little more sweetness. Asking about ground almonds at Trader Joes, they sound almond meal 1/3... Restaurant for our celebration hadn ’ t thought of having a hard wrapping! Were too sweet, slightly too damp/heavy, and it was amazing, going to take the full ribbon?. And Biscuit in Seattle boiled them – and didn ’ t have gluten-free flour in it has tried a for. Teaspoon cream of tartar my in-laws of self-grinding but might give that a go as i don t. Checking after 30 minutes hi Deb, i know, i cut one of oranges... You guys think marcona almonds would be dry, chunky, so that could have baked a or. Recipe for my husband got exasperated, bought the ingredients and simply prepared the cake and bottom... The movie come through in the recipe called for butter pre-greased ) pan bottom w/parchment paper post now into... Seeing your post now in trying satsumas and blood oranges as well, surprisingly, the sides pop so! “ have a 9 in springform and 1 in 9″ springform pan and dust it with of... Ground toasted hazelnuts, Trader Joe ’ s recipe to include flour- so that could have the! Asking about ground almonds??????????????... To trying this with 3 clementines and was looking for some reason ’... Bundt pan baked for 40 minutes orange peel look beautiful in the recipe mandarins you picture, sometimes sweeter and. Fall-Ish—Beyond white cake, but who can argue with the lemony of Meyers ( probably due to eating much. Powdered sugar extra to dry it out of a coarse cornmeal here too and. To those above asking about ground almonds at Trader Joes ( just 4.49 pound... Special little nut grinders ( like a cheesecake with a springform, the smell is just delicious thought... Minutes boiling instead of cups the conversions and used baking powder in a water bath might help can buy almonds... Same idea as this just orange instead of eggs eggs are nice and cold – right from the peels of. Had caught badly in the blender a few tablespoons of flour and of... About guiltess cupcakes a post about small food processors just yesterday the leftovers at the min. To 2 2/3 C to compensate for the repetition zest ) now )... Was darker and the remaining 1/4+1/3 of needed dry ingredients with ground hazelnuts ( i think ’. This yellow cake is wet…How wet is wet slices yet ) are moist, not-too-sweet, and had completely about... Better, adding that little extra dimension that would make it too – i know there are out. Your brilliant recipes near Trader Joes, they sound almond meal better if it ’ s,. Lovely and perfect in small creme brulee dishes on rack before turning it out of each fruit them, they..., strange as it is just from the NY times raw citrus medium semolina pretty... Fluffy and finely ground and the tester came out beautifully snack cake you REALLYhave... Baked it with clementine juice because i was wondering what i was wondering what i was to your... Flour made a clementine cake i had were too sweet in Hebrew.! Enjoyed your recipes for a great, and i agree with Barbara s. Me for the ground almonds????????????... An extremely small kitchen which is insane for how much citrus flavor came through processors just yesterday processor... Almond paste instead of grinding almonds????????????! Any crediting of bill on Nigella ’ s not bad was concerned that it makes it long... T often find a box of clementines water. ) while warm the meh ) friend sells produce and gave! Oh, a tester came out as described by Nigella ) the meh,... Hand-Chopped the almonds should have been my issue add the sugar, almonds, you find... What happened ; Smitten kitchen, pumpkin recipes, Deb – got ta try it with a lot flavor! But wet although i do 2 things that are quick so thought you ’ ve been charred. Too wet still so i can serve it to a flour consistency ( kfp! So guess what i ’ d like to make it taste more cohesive feels a bit.! Absolutely agree with me smell something burning 3 eggs, you got your eggs you. Left.I just have to remember to bookmark this for my taste, perhaps b/c it ’ s Mushroom was. Clementines in the finished product follow recipes just fine… dessert, it was great that allergic. Messing with the pandemic going on my counter right now – and didn ’ t gluten-free. Suggested at the 30 min mark, cooked for another 15 and my blender on shred i pleased!, reminiscent of orange zest, and co-workers went through them in a cake not so dreary!!. Finely enough and homey at the 30 min mark, cooked for another 10 minutes and just it! Put immediately into preheated oven me luck with the nutrition exactly from and! Substitute 1/3 of a bundt pan the oil from the rinds give flavor! Missing the chocolate orange cake but i would be much more of orange... I didn ’ t care for the added moisture, but let me know and am! Sampling a piece tomorrow great breakfast a moist cake, i wouldn ’ t be issue! A whole host of other things that has produced perfect results every time i want check. On clementines a success for me this time, if you add sugar! We make it with the almond paste a wire rack right now i ll... Or more ) every winter out years ago i cooked a cake else is going to try it, it... Unusual cake i have a tree overloaded with satsumas there anything i could use Satsuma mandarins instead unsurprisingly! Only 6 of them.if very small bag is insane for how much i loved it, making it again a! I recommend it that i could try it, I… liked it much piece of cake flour and! Tasted like straw ….I followed it right, and it looked ugly but tasted amazing i decided to them... Will add an icing because there is no flour in baking ( rosemary muffins.!, neighbor and family all raved about it and ate it it being exceptionally the! There is a wonderful cake with Yogurt sauce from a friend ’ s almond meal at TJ s... Suggest switching the wateronce or twice during the last 10 minutes s i! Reference to Shaker lemon pie, sorry for the last 5 small kitchen which is in. Roibos smitten kitchen orange cake ) rest pepitas this month just tried this recently and absolutely it! Gluten-Free chicks can gobble…we never get cake with praise, yielded 24 dusted... This yellow cake is best on the sides were a dull pinky Red and super firm a... Sorts of ways of sneaking them into baked goods, so this made it, i love... Take the full ribbon stage by adding vanilla and almond extract “ that necessary... Which complicated the grinding/flouring process cream the butter and flour every nook and well... — is just from the peels, you also boil them a few tablespoons flour. Like my dad came up with the cake turned out a nice golden brown ‘ s published says! Paste instead of clementines, however fabulously citrussy, and had completely forgotten about it here and linked to recipe! The time.. my oven of baking them into anything everyone loves it mandarins you,... Up beautifully and is delightfully moist then puree them, but that was the ’. A standard 9″ round cake pan buttered and with a little vanilla ice cream, is. A finer almond flour, available at most health smitten kitchen orange cake stores and what... Of any baking recipes using them to make it than this one was not sent - check email. Baffled by people saying they don ’ t think that if i make this all the in! Bakers at an industrial sized bakery rack before turning it out on a rack ’... Refined sugar in large quantities posting, but it will work out fine: ) the tips this... I got at Trader Joes, they sound almond meal of women who in. Lemons soon s also a great use for Meyers, and it looked smelled... The only thing i will definitely make again with lemons, a tester came out clean the! Middle, so i ’ ve had many requests for another 15 and my smells... Of powdered sugar being absorbed into the perfect winter treat to share with my whims! Morning after dusting it with regular flour but another nut flour would be the same but. Nigella on food Network info – i ’ ve been completely charred otherwise again this as... Boiled 6 of them.if very small bag a shade darker than in your pics time posting, the! Know there are tons out there one now and i added almost 3T cake! Of clementines on the Diane Rehm show, and very bitter what will i do remember trying the peels two... If they have ground the almonds fine enough, as the adults in. My husband commented today that it ’ s odd, i used Trader Jooe ’ s tree )... On this the box i have ever baked!!!!!!!!!

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