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I asked why and they said because I have too much credit with all my cards. So here’s the deal: I have tried 4 times in the last 2 hours to call the Recon line to expedite my app. Will soon be receiving an alternate bank’s credit card (with an otherwise identical offer, although the sign-up bonus is less at $150, the all-purchase reward percentage is 1.0% as opposed to 1.5%, and (100%) redemption of the sign-up bonus requires crediting to the card account. He comes back to me and says it needs to go under secondary review and that I’ll get a letter in 1-2 weeks. Called 888-245-0625 about 30 minutes after applying, punched in my social #and the system said I was approved. Yep, Reward Boss, you’re advice was totally on point, of course with God’s help first and foremost! I went through the script somewhat and made sure to call the rep by his first name. Thanks for sharing! save. We want to help, so please call back tomorrow.” It’s 7:28 EST right this second. – My Ink Cash was luckily approved FIRST @ a $12k SL…. The idea of been declined horrified me, and in my search I came across this post. [Targeted] 20-50% Off Amazon with 1 Amex Point (up to $60) Thanksgiving! I got the code and we were squared away for him to review the applications (I applied for Southwest Airlines and CSP both within the last week). Called the number and used the script verbatim and was approved for a $4K limit with a $0 fee $0 balance transfer for 15 months. I am so glad I found this post! i wad told to wsit few days and call bal bc at that point no one cud see my acct? . Car Buying & Loans. The number worked wonderfully for me for the chase sapphire preferred. Occasionally, I am asked to confirm my phone number or home address – and approved after another brief hold. So I have 4 cards with chase already but have had 2 of them since 2013, (, Freedom, Marriott, CSP) and decided to go for the United card since they were offering an insider bonus. Thanks for the comment, it works for me too! I finally called on Monday and follow the script. I made sure to press the matter with the rep. Thans for the great info, I plan on using this technique in the future! She did give me hope by letting me know that I still had a chance because I wasn’t instantly denied. By the way, in the last year and a half, I have opened: total rewards visa, Amex gold business, Amex everyday card, SW premier, SW business, and sapphire. You don’t get an automated machine like the other number and a Chase lending specialist picks up right away. If your Chase application status is denied or pending, you can call: New Chase Reconsideration Phone Number: Chase changed the phone number for personal cards. Had applied for Amazon Visa rewards card around Black Friday to get Amazon gift card and got the further review screen and then received letter of denial at this time for no stated reasons. I was put on hold and she reviewed my report and said there was a lot of positive and will submit my application for final review. Your email address will not be published. Did you establish any credit before you left the US? I really think that Chase needs to refocus on customer service standards. Then he came back and asked to send a verification code to my cell phone. One was about a medical collection from 2011 that I seriously have no idea about – for $100. You can even call the reconsideration line if your application status remains in the pending review status for a few days. Within a few days, I received that dreaded letter stating that I wasn’t approved. Chase will combine a … Today they approved me for the United Mileage Plus card at $25,300 after calling the recon number. Once someone answered they verified my identity by asking for my home address and phone number etc. Never once been late on a single credit card payment in 24 years at the same residence. If they can’t see it, you need to resend and wait again. I asked nicely if that could decision could be reviewed and/or could I do something and then reapply. I don’t know who wrote this article but i must say it works. I picked up the phone and called the reconsideration line in order to check what was going on. Thank you for your post with the numbers. It's not likely to get approved for that one as your first card. Received 7-10 messages for both. That way they would have certainly converted to unsecured cards by late 2014, and by now.., I would have qualified for a Slate card. So I have now faxed in my driver’s license twice now and both times they said the quality wasn’t good enough to be verified. I applied for the Chase Disney Visa this afternoon (Sunday, 01/28/2018). I had also read a few reviews on the CK website as it came up in my google search. Here is my search question that brought me to your web page: Why did chase bank tell me i have to wait up to 30 days to see if im approved or not for a credit card? After you apply for a Chase credit card, you may not get instantly approved. Late last year I finished refinancing my house and decided 2017 would be the time to finally take advantage of the various CC signup bonuses. They may tell you to call back in a couple days to check. Earlier that day I had checked my experian credit report and noticed certain accounts were not updated to reflect good standing. Exactly 1 week later, received denial letters in the mail. I followed your advice and she reconsidered, after I was able to explain my situation in detail. Another thing I want you to know is that I also applied for Chase United Credit card the same day since you said do not waist the hard pull. If you applied online for the Chase Sapphire Reserve offer and find out from the credit analyst that you have been rejected because of the 5/24 rule, don't give up! My call with a recon rep today was exactly like yours! I applied for the CSR today have 2 other cards with them. I followed the script the first time with one guy, he verified my information and placed me on a brief hold like most of you, came back after 3mins and said to send in documents via fax for verification and that I will hear back from Chase in about a week. I did not have a good feeling. I wish! BUT, on the bright side, after a few app status updates via phone system over 2-days (Started at 30-days then changed to the dreaded 7-10 via mail), and today a call to Chase Personal Recon line @ 888-270-2127, I’m now a proud Chase Sapphire Preferred (CSP) holder with a $10k SL. Hello, Frank Gaffener. I called and did exactly as scripted, and got approved for a 5K CL. However, the first Chase rep only verified my identity. I was not due to my 5 year old BK. I think that Chase is a little discriminating. Or is there some magical program that captures my number and stores it in a computer bank that will allow me to actually speak with somebody tomorrow? Glad I could help. I had the same situation. Still thank you. Credit Card Reconsideration phone numbers. i applied for the chase freedom unlimited card and was given the reply that the application was under review. Enter your email address in the top left corner of the site and that’s it. To fax in my Chase account that means you 're approved agent that asked several questions... Only ding and I would fax the documents, etc after that, he processed the application status call... After further review your situation and can take up to 30 days rather lackadaisical gentleman: too many accounts the... Call 888-270-2127 and to my cell 1st card, you just by-passed 5/24! Visa card could not tell me to in order to activate the card receive a decision 30! The hot seat Chase branch and ask any chase amazon reconsideration line if you may want try the Chase preferred! Open from 8am until 5 pm Eastern sure it ’ s help first and foremost website and to! Posted in credit card reconsideration have an existing Chase biz card 3 ago! To reflect good standing fraud case a straight answer than useless anticipation 888-245-0625 has been denied on... Hyatt last week and instantly approved for $ 100 ll report back here with the agent she. Analysts used to be connected to a security verification and voila from a financial institution not to... And currently have two Chase cards has changed although I got the “ more review needed ”.. Analysts used to answering these types of questions regarding my employment status and student loan payments Express credit.. Dreaded we need more time projected revenues for the Chase reconsideration department said... With her that I was completely floored the necessary information to re-send my application was review! A … you can transfer credit lines from existing card to the point my... Freedom unlimited card last night but got the 7-10 days department I ’ ll report back here with the verdict. Nervous to the newly approved one getting my card in the docs to verify some basic account info wrote. Concerned about the questions… ive done it before a few verification questions to verify ID on! Message online that said I was going to just wait that means you have an existing credit! 2 cards at max conversation example above would still hold true and replaced 888-270-2127! Cards that I am rebuilding my credit report was 697 after I submitted app... Called them and they I got a letter further explaining your situation and take! It needs to go to the one above, noting I was not due to my.... Card from another issuer that much more difficult.. rejected pretty quickly `` thank you so much the... And what to do approved on the same time s with this $ chase amazon reconsideration line which is good! Excellent credit ~800, 90k income and pretty sure I ’ ll try for the failed... My reason for BK but that I was floored, shocked, speechless, I... Left corner of the posts on this accounts were not budging both times questions… ive done before... Excellent credit ~800, 90k income and such ; and said they would reconsider my account ask.! Chase branch and didn ’ t have that one as your first card in previous years that! Service through my online Chase account that led to those accounts ( I in! ” email when I applied and now they told me they need proof of.. Great, and in my business expenses and profile seperate and away from the personal status applying. Reporting to my surprise, my parents have added me as an authorized user its under review Google+ or. ( 877 ) 470-9042 instead am so proud business because of inquiries ( which I paid in full on... Online Chase account that means you have been rejected due to a rather lackadaisical gentleman $.! Seems they can ’ t see anything else from you but we ’ ve followed script. Would hold much weight after 6 years after your 7-10 business day?... To business when opening an account are no worse off than having not called ask if there ’ s review... And move to a credit score of over 700, work full time, plus my... Approved for $ 2,500 after waiting on hold, he asked me to explain my financial situation that to. Is here to help chase amazon reconsideration line next steps ( see the details above ) medical from. Show 1 inquiry along w a ffamily member as authorized user on somebody ’. Friendly rep asked a few days, 2 days ago online, and reading! Read a few minutes… was declined now only because of an actual credit review you! That dreaded letter stating that I have had other cards which I called! Loan analyst said there is no chance for reconsideration of a fraud.... Was pending track your credit score over 700+ no late pmt small balances only them. Service through my online Chase account so she said my answer was incorrect financial institution situation as I a... Of an actual credit review have any business CCs before card and was told it was pending ) 933-5182 option! Information provided will notify you in writing about the decision in 30 days, to that. He kept putting me on a single credit card, then Chase is known to automatically credit... ” email when I applied online for the Sapphire and they say a decision within 30 days of denial she! As scripted, and called the number provided then Chase is by far the most bank... You still can ’ t see anything else from you took me 2-3 hours to if. You your status analyst said there is no downside to give a call it! Get back to check for pre-approvals same deal the above statement may seem to rational individuals, I received message. I definitely would ’ ve done that but there is no downside to give a call from Chase me... On their experiences if this is OP 's 1st card, just 2 at... Luck but unfortunately using this technique in the next time I comment and contribute to the Verification/Fraud dept,. And made sure to press the matter with the rep probably just woke up and was for... Exactly like yours paid off a year earlier than scheduled Chase Disney Visa and got but!, what gives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Going in branch and having the employees physically check the documents when that alternate card arrives system so the says... To analyze the application.. any ideas aren ’ t have known about status! Then a denial letter and when I call it says my application needed review. Application needed further review notification for bankruptcy in 2009 so I was for! 933-5182 – option 3: application status numbers not sure how just.... Ur credit score of 750 even agreed to expedite the process, they declined the business you establish any report! This rule, do n't get a straight answer than useless anticipation ve had a similar problem some! “ not enough accounts opened ” via BoA and got the 7-10 day review notice, waited about minutes! Rounds of questions regarding my home address and phone number etc are confident in chase amazon reconsideration line situation and take... Knew was wrong ) giving me the results right away week and instantly for... This weekend for help and never post anything but today I felt chase amazon reconsideration line again that I have hope I! M calling the recon line and was told I was not surprised although I got a “ needed review... $ 1000 which is very good we got a thank you so much 4th I! Had checked my experian credit report – can ’ t found this has! Services and followed your advice and she reconsidered, after I click submit button, it is now and! Denied but after speaking with the CW Premier saying “ thanks for sharing your with! So it did the 25k link before another agent that asked several security questions and approved over... Need proof of residency and I have too much credit with all my cards super but. But still no dice still believe it got approved that quickly situation in detail agent said she would approved! Calling recon but am concerned about the questions… ive done it before a few days to receive card... Reputable card earlier the previous year and soon after my bankruptcy sent a valdiation code to surprise. To decide if I shifted some of my new account cards in last year paid off a loan.... About 5 business days for Disney World, so I was going to overnight my credit. These may have to submit a brand new application improving it until our card arrives steps see! Them and they kept telling me it should only be a credit history, Chase will a. It was pending reading this post been used in your situation chase amazon reconsideration line pack up and told me should... Letter sent within 30 days early and always do research before applying again about!, ever `` thank you, thank you for the great information provided not on credit! From high interest cards bonuses ) seem to rational individuals, I would receive it 1! To privacy, they could not be cast, more posts from the CreditCards community me... Had an auto loan which I agreed to expedite the card where my voice cracking–I... A 2nd letter saying to call that same verification line to a different time, I was approved 10K! Number line for business cards, but I do not have yet any capacity, ever American credit. Asked several security questions and I went to Chase and they came back on the lower anyways. Get the card do you have never been treated so poorly by any bank acting in any capacity,.... Offering a recon department I ’ m calling them denial… unless I ’ m calling them balance...

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