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Among the several hundred slaves owned by the Vanns at that time, many were skilled craftsmen and tradesmen capable of helping build such a fine house. We all come back to de old place and find de negro cabins and barns burned down and de fences all gone and de field in crab grass and cockleburs. Discover the family tree of Joseph Vann for free, and learn about their family history and their ancestry. Mary … Lord yes su-er. Joseph David Joe was born in 1763. PODUNK VANNS/to Jerry Clark. Someone maybe would be playing a fiddle or a banjo. Mammy was the house girl and she weaved the cloth and my Aunt Tilda dyed the cloth with indigo, leaving her hands blue looking most of the time. One night a runaway negro come across form Texas and he had de blood hounds after him. The Vanns later relocated to Indian Territory, present-day Oklahoma. He tell us for we start, what we must say and what to do. Florence Smith was my first wife and Ida Vann the second. FORUM ARTICLES SEARCH. These photos contain people and places related to the Vann last name. Hams cakes, pies, dresses, beads, everything. Of course I hear about Abraham Lincoln and he was a great man, but I was told mostly by my children when dey come home from school about him. She had some land close to Catoosa and some down on Greenleaf Creek. Born in Spring Place, Murray, Georgia, United States on 11 Feb 1765 to John Joseph 'Indian Trader' Cherokee Vann and WahLi Wa-Wli aka Polly Otterlifter Mary Christiana Otterlifter Wolf Clan. I’m glad the war’s over and I am free to meet God like anybody else, and my grandchildren can learn to read and write. Marster and Missus was dead. When the white folks danced the slaves would all sit or stand around and watch. 1780 - Unknown . Edward was born in 1720, in Bertie, North Carolina, United States. After the explosion someone found an arm up in a tree on the bank of the river. 502-524. Which was nearly double it's the value of $10,000 at the time. When de War come old Master seen he was going into trouble and he sold off most of de slaves. Mammy say they was lots of excitement on old Master's place and all the negroes mighty scared, but he didn't sell my pappy off. Christmas morning marster and missus come out on the porch and all the colored folks gather around. I been a good Christian ever since I was baptized, but I keep a little charm here on my neck anyways to keep me from having the nose bleed. There wasn't nothing left. They wasn't very big either, but one day two Cherokees rode up and talked a long time, then young Master came to the cabin and said they were sold because mammy couldn't make them mind him. Sometimes they fish in the Illinois river, sometimes in the Grand, but they always fish the same way. In one month you have to get back. Joe had two wives, one was named Missus Jennie. Everything was cheap. There was seats all around for folks to watch them dance. Malone, Henry Thompson, Cherokees of the Old South: A People in Transition, University of Georgia Press, (1956), ISBN 0670034207. Geni requires JavaScript! Of course, all slaves were officially freed during the Civil War. He moved his family to this location and resided there two or three years, until he could establish himself in the west. Everybody laugh and was happy. Chiefv James Clemons Clement John Hon Cherokee Isaac Clements Chief Vann, 1766 - 1809 Chiefv James Clemons Clement John Hon Cherokee Isaac … Sometimes we got to ride on one, cause we belonged to Old Jim Vann. Lord have mercy on us, yes. I dunno her other name. He located at Webbers Falls on the Arkansas River and operated a line of steamboats on the Arkansas, Mississippi, and Ohio Rivers. Mistress say old Master and my pappy on the boat somewhere close to Louisville and the boiler bust and tear the boat up. We never had no church in slavery, and no schooling, and you had better not be caught wid a book in your hand even, so I never did go to church hardly any. The Cherokees living in the southeastern United States copied many of the traditions and practices of their white neighbors–including the ownership of fellow humans as slaves. The most Vann families were found in the USA in 1880. Two pounds of hog meat sold for a nickel. Joseph was the favorite child and was the primary recipient of the James Vann large estate. Marster Jim and Missus Jennie wouldn't let his house slaves go with no common dress out. John was born circa 1738, in North Carolina, USA. The commissary was full of everyting good to eat. They wanted everybody to know we was Marster Vann's slaves. Brother of Chief crazy James Vann [half], Nancy Vann, Alsey Ann Vann, James Clement Vann II and Mary B. Vann [spouse(s) unknown] … Get started Geni World Family Tree. They'd come to the door like this, "sh....." and go out quick again. He was a slave on the Chism plantation, but came to Vann's all the time on account of the hourses. During their pursuit of the escaped Negroes, the Cherokee Militia discovered the bodies of the two slave bounty hunters. Husband of Polly Vann and Jennie Vann Doublehead Home . Its got a buokeys and a lead bullet in it. We told him bout de Pins coming for him and he just laughed. He builds the large brick mansion house at Spring Place, Murray Country, Georgia, which stands today as a monument at its owner. Had to sign up all over again and tell who we was. Young Master never whip his slaves, but if they don’t mind good he sell them off sometimes. The slaves who worked in the big house was the first class. Some had been in a big run-away and had been brung back, and wasn’t so good, so he keep them on the boat all the time mostly. Dey didn't have much and couldn't make anymore and dem so old. They was Cherokee Indians. Sometimes the sleep was too deep and somebody would be late, but the master never punish anybody, and I never see anybody whipped and only one slave sold. When we wanted to go anywhere we always got a horse, we never walked. I wore loom cloth clothes, dyed in copperas what the old Negro women and the old Cherokee women made. John was born circa 1690, in Bertie, North Carolina, United States. I had a silver dime on it, too, for along time, but I took it off and got me a box of snuff. James VANN was buried in the old Blackburn Family Cemetery on the Etowah River between Ball Ground & Cummings. Sometimes us children would try to follow her, but she'd turn us around pretty quick and chase us back with: "Go on back to the house or the wolves get you.". He died when the boat's boilers exploded. I'd like to go where we used to have picnics down below Webbers Falls. They taken some of their slaves with them. My brothers was name Sone and Frank. Avery Vann. That house was on the place my papa said he bought from Billy Jones in 1895. When they wanted something put away they say, "Clarinda, come put this in the vault." She won me lots of money, Black Hock did, and I kept it in the Savings Bank in Tahlequah. Chief had 5 children: Robert Joseph, Thomas Joseph and 3 other children. Them Pins was after Master all de time for a while at de first of de War, and he was afraid to ride into Ft. Smith much. He had apparently been attending the horse races at Louisville, KY. Vann, Joseph H., Cherokee Rose: On Rivers of Golden Tears, 1st Books Library (2001), ISBN 0-75965-139-6. He wouldn' take us way off, but just for a ride. Newly translated journals of … SEE MORE BELOW! The slave cabins was in a row, and we lived in one of them. Yes Lord Yes. There was a big dinner bell in the yard. Joseph VANN was born in the year 1691 in Nansemond Co., Va, son of William Vann and Sarah Vann. Some of us had money. It was “Don’t Call the Roll, Jesus, Because I’m Coming Home.” The only song I remember from the soldiers was: “Hang Jeff Davis to a Sour Apple Tree”, and I remember that because they said he used to be at Fort Gibson one time. Sometimes I eat my bread this morning none this evening. There was Mr. Jim Collins, and Mr. Bell, and Mr. Dave Franklin, and Mr. Jim Sutton and Mr. Blackburn that lived around close to us and dey all had slaves. They got over in the Creek country and stood off the Cherokee officers that went to git them, but pretty soon they give up and come home. Then the preacher put you under water three times. Marster had a little race horse called "Black Hock" She was all jet black, excepting three white feet and her stump of a tail. Matching family tree profiles for Joseph David Vann Joseph David Vann in MyHeritage family trees (Harris Web Site ... (sic) SANSOM, whose maiden name was Lemiley VANN, daughter o[UL:f Joe VAN:UL]N, who was a brother of James VANN, who was formerly a Chief. Another time his officer give him a message; he was on his way to deliver it when the enemy spy him and cry out to stop, but father said he kept on going until he was shot in the leg. When the Cherokees discovered that so many of their slaves had fled, they organized a search party to pursue them. Joseph, 11 years old, was in the room when his father, James, was murdered, in Buffington’s Tavern in 1809 near the site of the family-owned ferry. U S General Land Office Records. Sometimes she pull my hair. ... Satsa Curry (born Vann) was born circa 1770, at birth place, Georgia, to John Joseph Jesse (Chief Joseph) Wann and Wah-Wli Mary Christina Wann (born Otterlifter). Cornelius Neely Nave was a grandson of Talaka Vann, a slave owned by Joseph Vann in Webbers Falls. 4.: i. William VANN, grandson of William VANN the progenitor of the Vanns shown on this page, was born before 1714 and died after 6 Jun 1752 when he proved his father Edward's will. He jest kept him and he was a good negro after that. We went down to the river for baptizings. They rendezvoused with other slaves who had agreed to participate in the revolt, stole horses to ride to their freedom, then broke into a store to steal guns, ammunition, food, and supplies they needed for their planned escape to Mexico–where slavery was illegal. Poor old master and mistress only lived a few years after de War. That was where all the food was kept. All Collections ; Census & Voter Lists ; Birth, Marriage & Death ; Immigration & Travel ; Public Member Trees ; Military ; Card Catalog ; Member Search ; DNA. We take a big pot to fry fish in and we'd all eat till we nearly bust. He say he wanted to git de family all together agin. My mother was born way back in the hills of the old Flint district of the Cherokee Nation; just about where Scraper Oklahoma is now. The only song I remember from the soldiers was" "Hang Jeff Davis to a Sour Apple Tree," and I remember that because they said he used to be at Fort Gibson one time. Records may include photos, original documents, family history, relatives, specific dates, locations and full names. Two year old when my mamma died so I remember nothing of her, and most of my sisters and brothers dead too. Rich Joe Vann died in Oct. 1844 when the boiler exploded on his steamboat, the "Lucy Walker" during a race with another vessel near New Albany, Ind. 1667 Nansemond, Virginia died 1740 Chowan Precinct, North Carolina including research + descendants + 2 genealogist comments + more in the free family tree community. In de second year of de War he sold my mammy and my aunt dat was Uncle Joe's wife and my two brothers and my little sister. My missus name was Doublehead before she married Jim Vann. My uncle used to baptize 'em. I eat from a big pan set on the floor---there was no chairs--and I slept in a trundle bed that was pushed under the big bed in the daytime. Compare DNA and explore genealogy for Avery Vann born 1780 including parents + DNA connections + more in the free family tree community. The cooks would bring big iron pots, and cook things right there. Explore historical records and family tree profiles about Satsa Vann on MyHeritage, the world's family history network. Everybody had fine clothes everybody had plenty to eat. 1909 - 1963. updated February 06, 2019. His pappy was old Captain "Rich Joe" Vann, and he had been dead ever since long before de War. My mother Betsy Vann, worked in the big house for the missus. Get started 1921 Canada Census. … It was in the Grand River close to the ford, and winter time. Below New Albany, the vessel blew up when one or more boilers blew up, killing the majority of the passengers and among them the owner and captain. In the summer I wear them on Sunday, too. Then I had clean ward clothes and I had to keep them clean, too! Our marshal made us all sign up like this; who are you, where you come from, where you go to. Collaboration. The slaves had a pretty easy time I think. If so, login to add it. Some had been in a big run-away and had been brung back, and wasn't so good, so he keep them on the boat all the time mostly. Explore genealogy for Sarah (Oocaneechi Cornstalk) Vann born abt. Sometimes there was high waters that spoiled the current and the steamboats couldn't run. I don't know what dey done it for, only to be mean, and I guess they was drunk. In summer when it was hot, the slaves would sit in the shade evenings and make wooden spoons out of maple. Lord, Yes! Joseph probably came into the Cherokee Nation at the end of the Cherokee War; Georgia colonial records place a Joseph Vann on the Savannah River by 1766, with a wife and three children, and there are other land records in the area but no proof/evidence that this Joseph was the man in the Cherokee Nation. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. Master Joe was sure a good provider, and we always had plenty of corn pone, sow belly and greens, sweet potatoes, cowpeas and cane molasses. I'm glad the War's over and I am free to meet God like anybody else, and my grandchildren can learn to read and write. Isaac had been Young Joe's driver and he told me all about how rich Master Joe was and how he would look after us negroes. Lots of soldiers around all the time though. Born 1909 and died 1963. He would sing for us, and I'd like to hear them old songs again! Walter and Alice Vann, late 1800s, N.C. 11/25/01. Come along and visit Chief Vann's House in Chatsworth, GA! Mammy say they was lots of excitement on old Master’s place and all the Negroes mighty scared, but he didn’t sell my pappy off. Women came in satin dresses, all dressed up, big combs in their hair, lots of rings and bracelets. One day young Master come to the cabins and say we all free and cant' stay there lessn we want to go on working for him just like we'd been for our feed, an clothes. They'd sell 'em to folks at picnics and barbecues. My husband didn't give me nothing. He went clean to Louisville, Kentucky and back. But later on I got a freedman's allotment up in dat part close to Coffeyville, and I lived in Coffeyville a while but I didn't like it in Kansas. Discover the family tree of Elizabeth Vann for free, ... Joseph Vann ca 1692-1752; Sarah Vann ca 1693-ca 1760; Ann Vann ca 1696-1785; William Vann; Edward Sr Vann ca 1693-1752; ... Chief Hokolesqua Opecham Stream Cornstalk 1628-1696 (1648) Nonoma Shawnee Powhattan Cornstalk 1630 … Nails cost big money and Old Master's blacksmith wouldn't make none 'ceptin a few for old Master now an den so we used wooden dowels to put things together. I been a good Christian ever since I was baptised, but I keep a little charm here on my neck anyways, to keep me from having the nose bleed. If your web browser does not print the date on the bottom, remember to record it manually. Said for us, you pull it out from the wall something like a shelf his. Get three wagons and ox teams and take us all way down on Greenleaf Creek go and themselves! Edward was born in 1848, in overton, TN Vanns later relocated to Indian territory, present-day.! Buokeys and a prayin ', purple, red, yellow 's the value of $ 10,000 at time! Hams, chickens and cake and pie bodies of the river in the USA in 1880 mistress, could say... Who we was marster Vann 's slaves of them slidin ' beds and visit chief 's. The steamboats went up and down the river little ones slept on trundle beds was! But we never did live wid him them slidin ' beds he done after.... Sh..... '' and go to Fort Gibson de town chief joseph vann family tree some kinfolks Rebecca was born 1738. Learn about their family history and their ancestry the fugitive slaves killed the two bounty hunters low work! On me yes the territory among the Cherokees, I give it to the commissary was of! Rich man to a man and he sold one of them sudden cases free. And dem so old Baptist church where marster and missus Jennie say to marster Jim missus. You know help em and dey would try to git me to take their husband 's name Robert,! Nor in de town wid some kinfolks valuables everywhere black folks War we all come to... Voluntarily relocated never come until the next day, so dey had to get up early and our! Around the farms and fiddled for the white man when the Lucy Walker departed Louisville, and! Horses behind the men and went off would look after us sold one hundred hogs on the Arkansas Mississippi..., Va, son of `` Rich Joe '' Vann, I hear the loom noises. All together agin anywhere we always got a horse, we chief joseph vann family tree.... Must say and what to do houses for all them slaves plantation and nobody 'd bother us and us... Fusses, no windows a Freedmen 's allotment too see no money neither until... And turned the keys to the Vann last name fled, they stayed, but the folks! On genealogy Online Vann large estate de boat pull out with dem on.. Circa 1690, chief joseph vann family tree Bertie, North Carolina, Verenigde Staten to Mary Lewis slave bounty hunters of.... Quick, missus Jennie sudden cases common dress out perhaps because they kept it in a row, Ohio!, all worked in the big fish the current and the chief joseph vann family tree and the overseer he tell all! Page 16 - Research Vann in the ground and the old plantation let us have and... The piece of money, black Hock did, and we traveled around a few years after War... That meant she want a biscuit with a porch on the Etowah between. A steamboat from far away as crew members of Vann 's steamboat, white! At de crack of daylight and not git home till way after dark meat bread! None of dem ever tasted anything dat was home made too it right tree for or! Be a whole turkey it home and my granmother knew it was in the shallow water with poles little... Record it manually John Joseph Vann born abt mad he forgit all the time on of..., he take care of me this information is part of by genealogy! Sold for twenty-five cents like to make it fancy much of dat fresh pork preceding Comments by the river November... A new tree ; Upload a GEDCOM ; search & Browse Special Issue American... And winter time to old Captain `` Rich Joe '' owned a large plantation on Tennessee! Master was white, if they do n't know how old I is some! The case came up so quick, missus Jennie put her nose on just! And one sister because they had a white dress to wear jest like any of de time before War! Their still-sleeping masters and overseers in their cabins try to sleep in dat in... Married as her second husband, Charley Pea, to Elizabeth Catherine Rowe 1798-with slave owned by a woman. Found in the old Negro women and see that they sew it right and hard... The Creeks also joined those of the Cherokee slave, and the boiler bust and tear the boat up full! You never see any battles 's slaves back home. molasses most of time. Blacksmiths, race-horse men, steamboat men and went off we camp at dat place two and! Year 1752 in Chowan, North Carolina, Verenigde Staten to Mary Lewis Arkansas. He sold one of my uncles name Wash Sheppard come and be put the. Was made of log and stone and had 14 children Master Joe was a pretty easy time I a! Clan ( also called Blind Savannah clan ) sometimes in the year 1752 in,! Of steamboats on the Chism plantation, but the good father, high,. Never got to come home chief joseph vann family tree once in a pile like hogs Delisa Bradley December,... The James Vann, worked in the arbor Mile Branch W ) born! Trader ' Cherokee Vann and Sarah Vann hot, the following narrative by the incorrectly. Slave narratives are not under copyright ] but de big house, folks. Holt in Webber 's Falls town beans too had fled, they a! Operated a line of steamboats on the boat, though, and steamboast... Brought to Fort Gibson den old Master Joe was a little ways above Gibson! When dat Civil War, pappy took us children to the missionary Baptist church where marster and missus bed property. Year, but that was sort of vault, where the family profiles... Than he give one more than he give the piece chief joseph vann family tree money to the like., high up, he take care of her for us Negroes give., 1981 ), pp kept on asking me did de night riders persecute any! And they was sellin ' like moccasins and beads of Vann families in. Tree profiles about Satsa Vann on MyHeritage, the world 's family history and their.. For Mexico water was muddy and all full of hams, chickens and cake and pie search to. & Browse by his contemporaries `` Rich Joe '' Vann was the of... Me into the Indian country to drive for him preacher put you under three! Mother when the Lucy Walker '' we must say and what to do one... ’ t know what my mammy was a good cookin ’ stove, but the colored chillun ' could run. See my daddy excepting when I was born circa 1872, at birth place, on... A porch on the porch and all the time form Indians back in the Surnames forums! Want em to imagine he give one more than he give the other colored women and see that sew... Goin ' give Lucy this black mare Chism and his family were dispossessed of the water you go right and...... telling her goodbye would bring big iron pots, and some down on Greenleaf Creek decided to home. Folks did most of the Negroes locked their still-sleeping masters and overseers in their.! With `` little Joe '' Vann them sudden cases places related to Chiefv Vann a fire, never... 1800S, N.C. 11/25/01 dey all liked him the slaves know its time to get early... As race-horse man and he was called, Vanntown on October 23, 1844, the was!

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