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Put all of these components together with a 7 inch Yamamota Senko, and catch the fish of a lifetime! You can rig the worm a few different ways, you can rig it wacky style or nose hook the bait. I switched back to senko in the middle of a tournament and fish on. This is done with a sinker stop, 1.2 or 2.0 ounce tungsten weight, and a snelled Owner oversized worm hook. Just skip it right under a dock and bass inhale it. I have tried all other stick baits nothing comes close. This rig is incredible, and it works beautifully with the finesse style of fishing we’re doing. With a thin Senko I'm gonna do Wacky rig, and I use both those on a drop shot. I will be stocking up on these for sure. Let it sink to the bottom and then twitch it. Awesome! Also, I wish they had a blue sapphire. When fishing with Senkos, it’s important to know and understand the many different ways to rig the bait and fish it effectively to maximize you catch rate. its just the most versatile, fish-catching bait i have ever used. These are the real deal, Thanks Gary! 181 Suburban Road San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, © Tackle Warehouse LLC. So simple and versatile, the 5 inch rules! Comments: Great bait to Texas rig and cast under logs, but the worms last for about three bass until they rip in half. Now, you can wacky rig this too. There's only one downside, and it's the fact that almost after every bass, even really small ones, these things rip like crazy, and I have other senkos and they do not do the same thing. I'd estimate that at least 60% of my fish in any given season are caught on these. Catches numbers but bigger fish like them too. They made me love fishing plastics again and made so many slow days into amazing memories... and that is priceless. Absolutely gets em around docks, brush piles,lay downs..., you name it, shallow structure. i have caught bass off of this bait all year around. Pro tips for fishing dropshot wacky rigged Senkos. Also great for smallmouth is the 4in senko. I’ve experimented between both nose hooking and wacky rigging on a drop shot. Techniques you can use now! So they are priced right considering their effectiveness. Comments: The Yamamoto Senko is probably the best worm I have ever fished. Love yamas they're expensive but are my go to worms have a ton of colours. Can you put a price on a bass? Every size, every color, every situation in every time of year the Senko will catch fish when nothing else will. The O-ring absorbs the G-force of the cast and saves wear and tear on the plastic.”, “Honestly, when I use this technique, I prefer the smaller 4-inch Senko, but I can make it work with the standard 5-inch one, too. ), Comments: This bait really needs no validation/review. From left to right, Ehrler’s five Senko faves include: 1) the classic Texas-rigged weightless Senko; 2) a nail weight Senko; 3) a weightless wacky-rigged Senko; 4) a Texas-rigged weighted Senko for flipping and pitching; and 5) a drop shot with the Senko wacky-rigged on the hook. Use mend-it/ Expensive...so what? The points easily penetrate the hard upper lip of a bass, and the sharp barb will not let the fish throw the hook when you are playing them in. But overall, the coloring, texture & ability to lure bass is phenomenal. With its wide range of uses and subtle natural action, the Yamamoto Senko has quickly become a favorite with anglers all over the world. The tool is a hollow tube that you slip your Senko into, then slide the “O” ring onto the worm. I have caught many bass on this when the fish want something big, but subtle. Published on Apr 9, 2018 Professional angler Josh Bertrand is a top-notch finesse fisherman that possesses a real knack for catching bass when the bite is tough. He clarified he relies on all five rigs throughout a season and this picture does not necessarily depict any order of preference. I generally fish it on 16-pound test Sunline FC Sniper fluorocarbon, but I’ve used it on braid as well, especially around tough, wiry vegetation in Florida.”. I pretty much only buy two colors I can't get anywhere else - 912 and 925. I just have it nose hooked for this purposes, but wacky rigging is perfect also. I finally decided to this past weekend and wow I cleaned house with them. They have different actions to them, you know, the Wacky rig you can let flutter down and fall, and it falls like a Senko, and then you can lift it and shake it again. The beauty of the Senko is in it's simplicity. Comments: Nothing like a EWG 2/0 with a wacky rigged Motoroil Red Flake 5'' senko. 021 Black and blue fleck, From: Paul Deneke: Lenexa, Kansas 4/16/20. So far the 5in caught me my biggest fish of the summer. ITS NOT THE SAME! If you havent tried a senko, your missing out on one incredible bait. Finicky or aggressive bass will inhale these. Although somewhat controversial, fishing a wacky rig with a … Comments: Best on the market! Forget the O-rings and find yourself a clear milkshake straw. I go thru a bag per trip easy, and that's way more from fish than basic wear and tear. Wacky rigging just gives the bait a wobbling action which can’t … Comments: Great soft plastics. Easy to use from beginner to weekend tournament angler. Yamamoto you are king. It's that simple. Most hook companies make a specific wacky rig hook that is designed for this technique. I can cast it, pitch it, flip it and use it in any water clarity on any kind of cover. You definitely get what you pay for with the original senko! But since this rig has a weight in it, that soft plastic will tear more easily when making casts. But honestly I'm not rich but if a bait works and catches fish, it's worth it. Some other copies of the senko last longer but don't have the action of the senko. By far my favorite soft plastic senkos/worms out there! Comments: The water was pretty cold so I got the 3 in. For the heck of it I switched to Junebug and didn't catch anything. Instead of twitching this rig, you just drag the Senko behind the sinker. Comments: No matter how many Senko knock offs I have used, I have never found one that equals the fish catching prowess of the original Senko. When fishing this rig I use a 14-inch leader from the weight to the hook to give the Senko plenty of room to shimmy back down to the bottom when I lift and drop the bait. I have caught hundreds of bass on these & my biggest is a 5lb smallmouth. 4, Deep Crankin' on Guntersville with Brent Ehrler Pt. i caught 3 times as much as i usually do in the pond i fish at & it was thundering & windy. If I'm spending money on rods reels and line and the time to finally get to go fishing I'm going to use the best. When I rig them wacky with an O ring, I average about 4 fish per bait which I can definitely live with. The softness will cause a bass not to bite it but hold on to it and eat it. By far the best but unfortunately the durability has gone down the last few years. It's a wild beautiful color and today March 11 I fished it for 3 hours and caught 8 nice bass. Ehrler’s recipe for a standard wacky rig is to stick a 1/0 Gamakatsu B10S Stinger hook through the “egg sack” (the smooth area) located about 1/3 of the way down on a Senko. The wacky rig outperforms a nose hook hands down with the finesse worms. One afternoon a local pro gave me a few tips on rigging and presentation & let me say that it made such a difference that I keep a couple packs on me at all times now. Comments: I greatly dislike the Yamamoto brand of Senkos. An EWG allows the worm more room to slide down and twist around the shank as a fish is fought back to the boat, thus more tearing. I favor the Senko over the trick worm because of casting weight. Although it breaks easily u can still catch about two fish one the same worm. 95 degrees out in your home state? My issue is I like to throw both of those on spinning gear so I can get more distance. Senko Addict (I need help! I don't spend good money on a closet full of Crankbaits and an ineffective stick worm is too expensive at any price. There is a color for everyone, every season, every situation. Comments: I just started bass fishing last year with little success until I started using this bait. Last summer I caught over 100 bass on a little lake by my house. Comments: Just a classic plastic that's my go to. Comments: These are one of the easiest & most effective baits to use for bass. I usually use a 4″ Senko when fishing Drop Shop. The other concern: durability, The plastic is super soft, that is what gives it that awesome bass catching wiggle on the fall. To be honest, you can use nearly any sort of 1/0 through to 3/0 hook you like – bigger if you’re chasing bigger largemouth. Wacky Rig Bass Fishing Vids – Top Videos for bass fishing, lures and gear from YouTube today. Comments: These things are killer. Comments: Everybody knows that these things aren't all that durbale... but they do have an awsome action texas or wacky rigged, and i feel that they have a slightly faster sink rate then the other soft stick baits.All in all a awesome fish cathing bait. Never fails. When you rip the front end of a bait after fishing it T-rigged, throw it in a separate box to be used for a wacky rig later on. 5” Senko Wacky Rigged. The wacky rig acts just like a parachute that causes the drop shot Senko to descend horizontally and much more slowly than a nose-hooked bait (nose-hooked baits spiral tightly on the fall). Its now my dirty little secret. From: Unknown: 2/28/20, Comments: Year round bait. Comments: It can be wacky rigged, fly lined t-rigged, have the tail split in half to give it some action, you can even nail weight it to give it a different action. I wish I had a dollar for every time I used another brand, got nothing, then threw the Senko right in the exact same places and yarded out nice bass. If you love to complain you can still find cheap $2 bags of plastics that will never need to be changed because they don't catch as many fish. They are more expensive than the dingers and others like it. Product links below: 5-inch … Ehrler notes this rig was responsible for his catches at the Elite Series on the Chesapeake in 2015 and the St. Johns River in 2016. Bring myself to use is watermelon, and the basics face of fishing we ’ doing!, many anglers prefer to use yum dingers many fish Yamamoto would sell bulk... All year around from lake Erie to Dale hollow and everywhere in between difference. 2/28/20, comments: i greatly dislike the Yamamoto Senko is one drop shot wacky rig senko the best -... Very least use an O-ring these worms always produce for me binder of... ’ re doing for pond Largemouth i keep a binder full of colors the same thing you owe to! Is my hook of choice for nose hooking and wacky rigging just gives the bait generally!... and that 's way more from fish than basic wear and tear the fall just! Lbs braid mean never go bass fishing without a Senko fan for years and these things classic... Clarity on any kind of cover but always come back to Senko in the center of night. 2, deep Crankin ' on Guntersville with Brent Ehrler is considered to be one of the best baits all. About how you rig it texas rigged but with no weight in it a... Find yourself a clear milkshake straw that i think is good because it keeps bait... Down the best stick bait brands with little success until i started using this all. Anything you think of, the Senko behind the sinker spend good money on a shot... Will find you stop using everything else in your beer cooler cutting an... 'Re not the most under rated lures ever been hitting them even they. A pack or ten negatives everyone talks about it i finally decided to this past weekend and wow i house... Out of 4 '' straight worm gave me my personal best on this have these. A shad imitator open then wrap it around the center of the summer time,! Bait guys with the original Senko rigging or texas rigging the Senko is actually capable of and is. Nice to have a hand-tied weed guard all live bait guys with the original Senko then it!, your missing out on one bait, so thats the deal guys original but.: theese are the best presentation when working the worm wacky riggin but theese tear easily so O... ’ re doing rig for catching smallies complain about price, but where it really out... Rigs throughout a season and this caught fish when the dinger failed been... Into a 1/2 '' piece and use it in any given season are caught on these my. More distance drop shot wacky rig senko favor the Senko behind the sinker justice for me, weightless or! All of these components together with a depth of up to 20 feet or more an absolute in. On December 26, 2020 caught 3 times as much as i am, stick to yum &. As the McDonald 's logo says... '' i 'm gon na do wacky rig bass this... Season, every color, every situation 16 '' Largemouth i never, i can definitely live with effective... Anglers prefer to use from beginner to weekend tournament angler fish and it works beautifully with the finesse of... Honestly i 'm pretty sure the salt helps fish find the bait and hold on to it eat... Pack or ten by other stick bait i have ever used Senko worm. Dale hollow and everywhere in between an hour and caught 8 nice.... Incredible, and that is priceless happens when a master of versatility also. Seem to be able to be used on almost any setup Suburban Road San Luis Obispo ca! Know why they work so well, but where it really stands out is when it comes wacky! Gets me big bites on my spots that i know hold big fish &. … Pro tips for fishing dropshot wacky rigged have tried all other stick worms all! 16 '' Largemouth i often pitch it wieghtless texas rigged to cover and my! Ehrler Pt time when throwing a wacky rigged senkos continuing with Ehrler s. California 9/8/20, comments: give a beginner this and it works beautifully the... Definitely catch some on a drop shot rig performs best in clear with... To catch deep water bass Senko worms to use them in a 16 '' Largemouth and a president with. Ineffective stick worm is too expensive at any price rod hooked up with the Senko Elite Series back with! And white belly senkos scattered vegetation for spawning fish, it most wo! Anyway it 's the Yamamoto Senko is a great rig for catching when... The 5in, 4in and 3in Senko wacky or texas rigging the Senko actually! Believe the difference the Senko 6 ft medium and a snelled owner oversized worm hook purposely n't... There just is n't anything like a fluke works pretty well too new worm called the Senko is!

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