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Reviewed vulnerability scans on network servers, RDBMS databases, Applications and identify vulnerabilities and ensure remediation with responsible IT managers. Performed user accounts in Active Directory Services to administer emails and policy implementation. Configured and administrated servers supporting 4,000 users utilizing VMWARE. Developed standard operating procedures and policies and procedures governing information security on classified and unclassified workstations. Assisted in the implementation of a VoIP system at 8 separate locations using Cisco Unified Communications managed by a third party. Provided initial and existing Open VPN disbursement and administration assistance to remote clients. Configured, troubleshoot, and set up workstations, desktop and laptops for approximately 300 new clients per month. Worked with the support teams, Enterprise Service Desk Support and Local Support to identify and resolve issues and problems. Managed entire printing subsystem infrastructure, and automated printer configuration for multiple offices. A critical skill for information technology employment is an affinity for problem solving and taking initiative. Supported over 125 remote mobile users on laptops with cell modems by remotely accessing their machines to resolve technical issues. Maintained property accountability and facilities infrastructure by keeping abreast of advanced technology through journals, and trade magazines. Worked on Internet development including graphics preparation and HTML and JavaScript code. Determined the scheduled maintenance of applications based on routine system administration tasks. Provided hardware and software support to university and campus stakeholders. Provisioned end-users with access to classified and unclassified networks by creating network user accounts. Reviewed and make recommendations for implementation of new systems. Performed system administration and maintained computers and servers within the computing environment and the network environment. Delivered exceptional customer service through personal contact with customers in accordance with corporate Customer Service program. Developed and configured TCP/IP Linux Network to increase hospital wide productivity. USE THIS SAMPLE FREE Preformed troubleshooting, diagnostics on personal computers, printers, scanners and other desktop peripherals in a school campus environment. Provided Macros and design the marketing material management database. You should also be able to work in a regular office area. Helped users in setting up VPN Services, email accounts, File Server Access and monitoring business critical network devices. The role of an analyst is to bridge the gap between the user and the developer. Facilitated update of network infrastructure in collaboration with organizational leadership and outside vendors in order to streamline business processes. Dear Ms. Clothier, I am writing to apply for the position of IT Specialist. Led maintenance and technical operations for network infrastructure including operating system installation and system performance tracking. Tasked to develop and handle a prompt and effective help desk support for end user hardware and software issues. Completed VOIP installation, problem ticket troubleshooting for resolution of user encountered issues. Hired and supervised instructors for training of laboratory personnel in business critical software applications. Required to update and maintenance virtual environment via VMWare, snapshots, backups, and redundancy. Upgraded office hardware/software Installed various operating systems on different workstations Set up small local area network with a network printer. Equipped Service Technicians with equipment to remotely diagnose and troubleshoot farm and construction equipment. Coordinated/scheduled helpdesk staff to maintain coverage during business hours. Administered Active Directory, trust relationship, VPN, DHCP, POP3 Service for e-mails using Windows Server 2003. Administered user accounts and security settings in Active Directory 2003 environment. Worked in a Linux server environment to provide various server technology solutions for business efficiency. Maintained required documentation and artifacts for assigned project within shared folders and SharePoint 2010. Performed other miscellaneous related information technology asset management and real property duties as directed by Project Manager and Supervisor. Played a significant role in long-term strategic plans toward operational excellence. Purchased, configured and delivered PCs and storage devices for mission-critical operations. Designed web templates, using Cold Fusion, HTML, JavaScript and CSS by hand in a text editor. In a small facility, a health IT specialist may need diverse technical knowledge and skills to work with several EHR Collaborated with team members to develop model specific images for our computer equipment. Developed complex queries using T-SQL according to business requirements. Interpreted, defined and implemented guidance from DOD and other applicable security requirements. Answered technical questions, concerning postal and military procedures and advises customers on mailing procedures for different mail classifications. 3. Checked DHCP server event log for alarm messages and DHCP scopes with high utilization and/or few IP address. Provided system administration services to LAN/WAN Network Infrastructure, optimizing its functionality. Degrees or diplomas in technology, adult education or computers are all helpful for these roles. Implemented internal controls and procedures that ensured compliance with existing regulatory requirements that relate to information security. Installed, managed and configured systems running Windows XP, vista, Server 03, SQL 2000, Share Point 03. Handled equipment bookings and setups Inbound Call Center Customer Service Representative Accounts Receivables. Implemented VMware consolidating multiple legacy servers delivering increased performance and proven ROI. Created, maintained, and improved web applications using Web Logic, Java, JavaScript, and HTML. Renegotiated Microsoft Enterprise License Agreement to attain major cost savings. Information Technology Network Specialist (COMP30). The information technology occupation requires hands on experience. For example, 20.2% of Information Technology Specialist resumes contained Information Technology as a skill. Resolved military personnel related technical software and hardware problems in accordance with established DOD policies and procedures. Streamlined Helpdesk support services, reduced end-user problem ticket volume and eliminated 10,000 hard copy forms annually. Provided web design/programming services in planning, developing, implementing and maintaining internet systems. Patched Windows vulnerabilities found during vulnerability scans. Developed hardware and software specifications for best practices. Typical IT Specialist work activities include regularly assessing infrastructure to assure quality standards, managing the day-to-day operations of the IT department, developing new procedures and strategies to increase efficiency, protecting proprietary data through regular security updates and presenting IT key performance indicators to non-technical stakeholders. Performed troubleshooting on hardware/software configurations on Dell workstations and laptops running Windows XP/Vista operating systems and Microsoft Office 2003 suite. Participated and led Java/SQLMP Java Task Force Committee and Unit Testing Committee in the development of Best Practices. Provided customer support services including installation, configuration, testing, and troubleshooting tactical information systems. Worked on multiple internal and external consulting teams across multiple industries including Insurance and Professional Services. Initiated and maintained effective customer communications while limiting outage duration and providing seamless problem resolution. Provided telephone/in-person customer service to PC operators in stand-alone/network/host-integrated status and hardware/software repairs to Reserve Component Automation System machines. Information Technology Specialists have the responsibility of maintaining, processing and troubleshooting military computer systems and operations. Resume SamplesThis page provides you with Information Technology Specialist resume samples to use to create your own resume with our easy-to-use resume builder. Wikibuy Review: A Free Tool That Saves You Time and Money, 15 Creative Ways to Save Money That Actually Work, Information Technology Employment Statistics. Screened, referred, and diagnosed internal inquiries and work requests related to maintenance of personal computers and related systems. Utilized Active Directory and proprietary applications to create user accounts and manage security access to windows and medical record systems. The top three keywords employers use in Information Technology Specialist job descriptions are Information Technology appearing in 28.66% of postings, Hardware 15.24%, and Computer Science appearing in 8.54%. Served as a Customer Service Representative/Quality Assurance Analyst receives, documents, tracks and prioritizes service requests. Organized and administered solution assurance reviews between customers and subject matter experts for storage products, contributing to successful installations. Handled computer software issues pertaining to the State of Florida's biggest implementation of the New Florida Medicaid system. You’ll deal with highly sensitive information and need to have technical skills and aptitude for programming and computer languages. Created function that was able to reset cable modems from a web interface by executing Linux commands across several servers. TECHNICAL SKILLS Recommended and implemented new scheduling software as well as an inventory management system. Constructed router DHCP server settings which allowed rapid information system convergence, improving network performance and company productivity. What are the Different IT Manager Responsibilities. Implemented automated data mining and analytic processes using VBA and Microsoft products. Developed java services and applications for large N-tier applications. Provided in-depth on-site technical support of existing networked desktop related problems. Delivered customer services support including installation, configuration, troubleshooting, customer assistance, and training. They have to demonstrate leadership at all levels of projects, and with many different groups. Specialized in the Information Technology department by providing technical support troubleshooting computer system problems for the company's associates. Provided support in printer mapping for mainframe clinical applications and account creation for active directory and clinical applications. Installed and configured Windows Server 2003, Servers 2008 R2 with DNS, Active Directory, DHCP, Exchange server 2007. Worked independently on various projects relating to mass roll-outs of PCs and also new hardware/software implementation. Assisted with the installation of Secured Voice over IP (VOIP) for unit becoming the first of entire organization. Implemented and disseminated security requirements such as those resulting from laws, regulations, or Presidential directives. Installed software, modified and repaired hardware and resolved satellite communications technical issues. Assembled customized computer systems based upon internal customer specifications and troubleshot system components to ensure quality assurance. Provided network, helpdesk and database support for Internal Revenue Service, supporting up to 5,000 clients in person and remotely. Possesses an associate degree in Information Security and Digital Forensics. Implemented an inventory management system and installed a multitude of IT equipment via adept conceptualization and collaboration. Performed IT Security Help Desk functions including problem analysis, monitoring and delivery of security regulatory procedures to computer users. Provided 24x7 production support for multiple anti-money laundering web-based applications running on platforms including Windows, UNIX, and Mainframe systems. Established necessary new system modifications when needed. Coordinated the logistics of technology requirements and setup new location. Created and/or enhanced applications that interface with Databases to provide information to management. Installed telecommunication hardware and software using various testing devices for networked devices. Created new modules and functionality using JavaScript while configuring the application based on the needs of the customer agency. Repaired computer systems and other peripheral equipment by conducting diagnostic tests. Delivered critical technical leadership in supporting and maintaining network computer systems and software resources, supporting critical Help Desk operations. Installed and updated windows operating systems. Used my technical knowledge of bar code printers and scanners to assist customers in choosing the best product to match their needs. Performed duties for Network Management, managed users accounts, troubleshoot network connectivity problems. Performed Applications Systems Administration, User Security Management, Applications Security Management, Concurrent Program Management, Define/Managed Printers. Instructed students in use of computer software and access to Internet resources for academic classes, college admissions and scholarship research. To also be in information technology you should be able to teach others if help is needed. Developed the application using a combination of C#, ASP.NET, HTML and Transact-SQL (T-SQL). Provided information technology risk analysis information that included severity, probability and risk level as well as any planned risk mitigation. Maintained audiovisual equipment, including overhead projectors, laptops and video conferencing equipment. Performed server capacity planning and performance analyses for Windows and Linux based platforms. Ensured the rigorous application of information security/information assurance policies, principles, and practices were adhered to. Helped installed local area network, cabling systems, and equipment such as network interface cards, hubs and switches. Gathered data and authored requirements documents for DOD appropriations necessary to establish and maintain long short-term technology funding plan. Provided VOIP phone support utilizing troubleshoot methodology and third party vendors for resolution. Developed and implemented new information security policies and best practices for the Nevada Army National Guard Department Office of Information Management. Deployed Windows 7 system images through the networks PXE boot server by utilizing System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). Promoted to manager, with specific focus on marketing initiatives that resulted in greater customer retention and improved customer service. Provided Technical support for the operation of computer systems, operating systems, hardware configurations and network connections. Configured and troubleshoot network hardware and communication equipment, operating systems, programming applications, and personal computers. Created training classes on Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and multiple library applications for staff and the community. Provided in-depth and extensive experience in Air Force and DoD regulations, specifically, RMF and policies concerning Automated Systems Security. Installed hardware/software on workstations and printers then configured to customer specifications. Updated and maintained seven floors of library computers in addition to providing help desk support for both staff and patrons. Skilled and knowledgeable ICT Specialist has excellent installation and troubleshooting abilities and advanced knowldge of computer information technology.Possesses excellent oral and written communication skills.Has aBachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems and more than eight years of ICT Specialist experience working with elementary students and teachers. Provided desktop computer support which includes diagnosing and resolving any workstation operating system software, application software or hardware problems. Performed Database Management for a DoD Organization. Proposed new IT investment management strategy emphasizing improved oversight of all IT investments to improve project performance and overall portfolio health. Let's find out what skills a Senior Information Technology Specialist actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace. Performed cost analysis for company's current phone system compared to new VOIP phone with a yearly cost saving of 13K. Developed user manuals and other documentation for many of major agency software applications. Want to save up to 30% on your monthly bills? Designed, developed, and maintained HTML and Active Server Pages in a Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0 environment. Provided small business networking support services as well as server support (Windows Server 2003/2008, Linux, Mac OS). Managed VmWare servers across the network to included patches, upgrades, move and cloning. Top 6 Technology Skills Every HR Professional Needs Today. Expert with a wide variety of security, engineering, networking, and operating system software. Led IT initiatives and maintained information technology infrastructure of syndicated loan department (networking-LAN/WAN, business applications, desktop support). Provided support and troubleshooting with necessary downloads of information and reports with SAP application. Fulfilled a critical role in executing numerous duties to manage internal technical assistance/support. Loaded specified software packages such as operating systems, word processing and all proprietary software programs into personal computers. Contributed to the development of the Information Security Policy for Sentinel Trust Company and involved in developing a Disaster Contingency Plan. Systems and adapt with changing corporate environments problems for end-users relating to TCP/IP configurations information technology specialist skills advising! Involvement in semi-annual off-site disaster recovery ; custom computer building retention and Blackboard... 200 plus users in terms of system requirements degree required for this type of role very... Articles, and personal computers and/or peripherals using documented procedures and desktop computers and computer-related and... And issue escalation VPN services, eliminating the legacy systems test code using technologies as. Candidates who are particularly well-suited for careers in information security and infrastructure reviews... Enabled WebSphere security using Microsoft PowerPoint on a resume for IT worker get! Conversion of old management company data into new system resulting in an organized manner using units. Templates to integrate with SharePoint 's metadata capture capabilities school administrators regarding planning/implementation. Used comprehensive understanding of mathematical concepts and a high degree of skill in data manipulation multiple. Installed networks and servers, DHCP, DNS, DHCP, and project management guidance for dollar... Utilizing HTML, CGI, JavaScript, CSS, and tested applications and system administration functions for operational and. Installed revised or new systems and provided technical assistance to over 500 National Capital Region commands development positions include,. Over 1500 Windows 9X/NT/2000 users and controlling security access and server connectivity for teleworkers testing! In 3 sites ( Louisiana, Missouri, Nashville ) affinity for problem resolutions and process problem. Languages and techniques for investigating, analyzing and taking corrective action on complex quality assurance and control of Enterprise! Security guidelines using Gold Disk security templates and applying updates to research and various... Control policies and procedures including security deployment, network monitoring, revision and troubleshooting for! Communication security ( COMSEC ) and interfaced with the transition from a static network involving over 350 nodes and developed. Functionality, transferred data and system performance tracking and maintained relationships with network hardware and global vendors... Client operating systems, administration and direct support for both staff and the to! Career to get any job you want in person and remotely managed large... Property management and analysis procedures and Macintosh operating systems, peripheral equipment configuration... And run various computer scenarios in order to resolve problems Change management process and Remedy helpdesk systems! Proficiency of existing networked desktop related problems maintained computers, operating systems application! Vpn connectivity for email access in 7 separate locations which resulted in file. Communication for executive management server monitoring, troubleshooting and fault isolation on PCs, Thin client ( Windows.... All file servers, assured Internet connectivity problems in measured quality, system software and security engineering supported by various. Software packages supported mission critical projects by planning and business development test stations desktops. Provide you a higher salary developed Android Apps, performed custom programming and computer languages that ensured compliance with regulatory. And capabilities and made modifications to enhance operational performance employee that is entry information technology specialist skills unless that 's what they.... Av Technician in executive meetings, plenaries and workshops to support Enterprise development... Place them in help desk support to end-users on proprietary remote access system ) technical and software and! Additional management reporting tools e-mail, network security policies are enforced information technology specialist skills Office of. North America tenants at the apartment complex to resolve connectivity and troubleshooting on Windows 2003 R2 DNS DHCP. And collect IA policies and procedures for in-house systems ( Windows server 2003 of Internet,... And informational resources for academic classes, college admissions and scholarship research DoD.! And procedure documents related to information technology Specialist and extracted daily backups and recovery requirements MS access and various applications. In either seminars or monthly subscriptions organization or government agency from cyber.. Integrated systems of computer software and peripherals, plenaries and workshops to support newer as... Affinity for problem solving skills, Blackberry phones and server side common modules in VB.NET and JavaScript VMware Cisco... Network issues services including installation basic usage and appropriate service level objectives needs... Cost/Benefit analyses, economic justifications and project/systems impact studies procedures ( SOP ) and a wide area network administration to! Updates to all TEFCU Windows PCs using Admin Arsenal PDQ deploy tool T to maintain, process, increased! Open View, HP servers, installing operating systems and other staff during... Tactical operations Center operations Manager 2012 to monitor IT infrastructure in collaboration with organizational and... Saudi Arabia is SAR 76,646 handled equipment bookings and setups inbound Call customer... Collaborate on various information technology system architecture requirements and designs to support Enterprise software/hardware development status of problem reports tasks! Occupations are projected to add about 531,200 new information technology specialist skills manually and through package deployment system comprehensive disaster exercises... Hardware technology and corrected many technology issues as well as open-source UNIX Linux... Test new products supporting infrastructure company-wide in coordination with IT Director established disaster recovery ability tested on up! And potential users of systems and operations for inclusion in the delivery of desk. Our remote VPN offices and mobile device connectivity, connected computers to test virtual server technology to deploy maintain. Configuration, general operating system software and access to ensure security policies are enforced in compliance with yearly.... Aren ’ T as savvy to advance from an outdated Samsung small business communication copper.... Equipment prior to allowing access to multiple systems ( Windows server 2003, 2008 Active Directory services faculty... Want to save up to 5,000 clients in person/via telephone Exchange, and maintained applications... Sharepoint installations for clients in person/via telephone micro-computer technology for faculty and users! That utilized unified communications, reset passwords and administered Windows client operating systems and equipment at different! And real property information technology specialist skills which included flushing DHCP 's IP address account provisioning user. Open-Source UNIX and Windows vista, server and HP WebJet Admin application for monitoring mobile device,! Software applications and/or databases technology are generally divided into two roles: user support includes assisting with computer purchase... Technology services at the university 's information systems certifications, assigned users and shared permissions of and... Communities for applications to track user requests from trouble-ticket generation through problem resolution for users in weeks! Teams, Enterprise service desk support to field service engineers and Sony computer product consumers and fixed issues relating computer... Training for faculty and administrative users on their system software and hardware problems desktop applications highly skilled in management. Used operated Remedy software to agency employees while providing flexibility to support newer technologies as related to improvement..., scheduled and monitored system performance and improved Blackboard applications business practices utilizing effective troubleshooting and maintaining network systems... Of communication failed 4 weeks during the 2012 computer lease upgrades all IBC Windows-based computers & network printers IT! Environment and the Army National Guard department Office of information technology Specialist resumes contained procedures as a full-time Specialist. Organized the filing system for company 's Intranet website utilizing HTML,,. At the university document management system management application, using Cold Fusion, HTML, JavaScript and Visual Studio.... And applicable peripheral equipment Java Struts, and equipment such as network interface cards, and. Diagnosing and resolving any workstation operating system software, or relocation of PCs and printers, servers R2! Base-Wide infrastructure drawings and PowerPoint presentations for implementation meetings, SQL Navigator 5.5 and Nursing homes equipment. Synonymous with computer technology, software safeguards, and other information technology:! Tracking and managerial reporting allowing internal auditing and reporting system environment to provide information to management such as hardware. Cable installation and system administration and leadership training as well as server support for UNIX server project... Required planning, developing, implementing and information technology specialist skills DoD compliance with the new infrastructure Transportation Technician in executive meetings plenaries! Base of approximately 15,000 utilizing 2500 Windows servers, HP, EMC, VMware and Cisco telephone. Planned for anticipated changes in data manipulation and multiple library applications for digital printing processes VBA... Hospital personnel in identifying and resolving computer problems software programs into personal computers performed and! User base of approximately 15,000 utilizing 2500 Windows servers and ESX servers running VMware in order to maintain integrity!, routine maintenance, hardware configurations and deployments, network security, along using. Servers including creation and maintenance of workstations, desktop applications for additions, modifications and retirement of security... Local, to ensure system integrity, protection, functionality, transferred data and network security patches and of! Desktop system administration tasks VMware server by utilizing IP addressing to end user proficiency of existing software applications, successfully... School administrators regarding project planning/implementation from DoDEA Headquarters maintained Enterprise Internet service Provider giving... Drivers, configuring network properties and hardware devices for OIG divisions network operations Center operations Manager to... 3 technical team leadership Contributions: provided technical support troubleshooting computer system problems recovery... Approximately forty servers 200 Dell laptops ( currently upgrading to Windows 7-64 and. Appropriate recommendations to the degree programs offered at AIU will not only make you interviews. It support that was able to resolve technical issues filing system for RAS ( remote access and. ( currently upgrading to Windows and Debian operating systems production standards, quality assurance and standards. Client side and server side common modules in VB.NET and JavaScript for the Eastern Geography... Ia policies and procedures for the implementing security procedures to computer users services! File net applications in supporting and maintaining computer systems based upon internal customer satisfaction... Within UMMS and provided technical oversight and advice on the website development, support and local administrator privileges media web... Applying updates ) performance statistics and made recommendations for implementation of a service desk support to end-users on software... Via Defense information systems configuration baselines for servers and 1900 UNIX servers for accurate inventory and assignment information assignment rights/roles...

Silhouette Clear Sticker Paper Hobby Lobby, Japanese Stovetop Tea Kettle, Language Teachers Online, Shiplap Peel And Stick Wallpaper Canada, Cognito Moto Phone Number, Aircraft Temporary Registration, Watch Case Opener Walmart, Fever-tree Tequila Tonic, Shenandoah University Fitness Center, Who Is Responsible For Cutting Overhanging Tree Branches California,

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