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You can cook dry beans in an hour, if needed. Speed soaked the beans then cooked them on low pressure for 20 mins. -Steve. i cant wait!i will let you know how i do…. Im going to do them again for my friends. Set to medium-high heat. yes, I realize this is over two years old, but still a great meal idea! Smile! This is quite a late reply, but I don’t eat pork either, so I will just use smoked turkey necks or smoked turkey tails in recipes that call for smoked meats. Hi Jeano, Thank you for your question. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe. Hi Lynn, Thank you for your question. I didn’t expect them to be so good being as though it was my first time cooking pintos alone and not in chili. I don’t ever recall us having a side dish to this at all. Sort through beans to make sure that they are free of any small stones, dirt, or other foreign pieces that may have made their way into the beans during harvesting. Put the lid and petcock back on the pressure cooker and bring the beans back to a good boil. We’ll also need to wash them again. I like to add a pound of ground beef, cooked and drained. Cooking is all about making adjustments as you go along. Classic Southern Pinto Beans. It was such a delight to finally meet Ms. Sally. Then we’d take a dab of chow-chow my grandmother used to can and put it on top and then the left hand would hold a ‘nip’ of raw onion. I love how this is slow-cooked for a couple of hours to infuse all of the flavors together. And, they’re just good on a cold evening with a hunk of that Cornbread and some chopped onions across the top of the bowl. It’ll make her happy I’m sure. My brother and I were in West Virginia, headed to Kentucky and HAD to cross the Ohio River long enough to say we had at least been IN Ohio. Thank you for your question, and I do hope you’ll try our Pinto Bean recipe. Be Blessed!!! Then I saw it at Ralph’s. I spoke with her just the other day and she’s doing well. I’m thankful you found Taste of Southern and do hope you’ll try some of our other recipes as well. As the saying goes, sometimes less is more. Thank you for making this available. My mother didn’t own a crock pot, or make beans, but I have always enjoyed them at other people’s dinners. Over high heat bring to a rolling boil. Hi Jackie, I always just leave them out on the counter top overnight. Try these pinto beans in your own kitchen. -Steve, America’s Test Kitchen recommends brine beans for 8 hours, rinse, then cook. I can’t wait. But with this recipe maybe i could try cooking!! Hi Michelle, It’s my pleasure to share the recipes. I do use bacon grease if i have some and or bacon I have always added my salt when my bean are just starting to thicken up a little. It’s my pleasure to share the recipes and I hope we can add a bunch more. Discard the water used for soaking and give the beans a rinse. Best beans i have made in my whole life. Pressure the beans for 30 minutes and they are done. Hi Shelia, Thank you for your comments. As a fellow Okie I have to say pintos are often the main dish. -Steve. Cook 2 minutes. I do appreciate your comments. I made my beans yesterday and they were delicious. -Steve. You gonna holla for yo momma when you taste them. Hi Becky, WHEW! I have been surfing the web to find a recipe that sounds most appealing and well…….this one is by far the most tasty looking/sounding one. They just didn’t have all the herbs and seasonings we have these days unless they grew them. (Coal miners daughter from VA. KY. line) That’s what’s for supper tonight. You can't go wrong with a good pot of beans! I am a southern woman gone midwestern taught to cook by my great grandmother and granny. Thank you for stopping by and I appreciate your comments. Now, I haven’t actually tried any of her own pinto beans myself. Pintos are a staple at all our family dinners! If they were lucky, they might have a piece of ham to put in the pot on Sunday. The cayenne gives them flavor but doesnt make them spicy. This is a wonderful website for these Southern dishes that I was raised on, but fix seldom. I do appreciate you taking the time to write and for your visits. Bobby buys, sells and trades all kinds of things, and as he likes to say, “If I ain’t got, I’ll get it, cause I want to see YOU with it.”  He’s just an all around super nice guy and someone that I’m proud to call a friend. Add a little fresh baked, skillet cornbread, and you’re ready to go. I wish I could make cornbread but I don’t have any corn meal. Going to a good ole southern family Christmas party today. She made them in a pressure cooker and I am going to use this recipe with a hamhock just like she did. I first met Bobby back in 2004 when I worked at another radio station here in our town. I’ll be waiting to hear how they turn out for you, so please come back and give us a report. Tried and true! I do appreciate your comments and hope that you’ll stop by for another visit with us… real soon. Texas is in my heart . Be Blessed!!! Ms Sally will also be glad to hear that you liked them. -Steve. Submitted by: BUN3KIN I think it would have been too plain for me otherwise. Hi Erin, I do hope the Pinto Beans recipe turned out well for you. I appreciate your question, and I do hope that you’ll stop by for another visit with us… real soon. 1 Celery, rib. Place a large pot, filled about half full of water on your stovetop. I appreciate your visit, and I do hope that you’ll stop by for another visit with us… real soon. You could always add it once it’s about done if you think you’d like more. Ready? p.s. I love a bowl of pintos with fresh chopped onion sprinkled on top and a slice of, Dry beans are very economical. Be sure to stop by for another visit with us… real soon. In the days ahead Bobby would stop by the station a time or two and even brought me a cake one day that he purchased from one of his co-workers. As far as I know, we don’t use the cayenne pepper or onion cooked in it but I’d like to try it. Thank you, thank you for making me look like a good cook , Hi Diana, I’m sure you were already a good cook, but Thank You for the comments and compliments. Thanks for the recipe. Thank You for your comments and do visit with us again… real soon. Ms Sally would be proud to know that you tried them. These were awesome! getting ready to soak my beans now!!! Cornbread is a great accompaniment, but I grew up eating “soup beans” over plain old sliced white bread. ★☆ Only 110 calories per serving! I can hardly wait to try them. Be Blessed!!! Wash really good and set aside. I sort and wash the beans, then add 1 tsp each of garlic powder, onion powder and salt and 1 Tbls chili powder in my pressure cooker with the cleaned beans. I used the same pot I soaked them in to cook my pintos. I recognized his voice immediately. The internet is full of recipes with ingredients my Mimi would never have included. These Best Pinto Beans make for a scrumptious budget friendly meal. We talked and carried on a bit and I guess pretty much hit it off from the start. You can use salt pork or bacon pieces for flavor as well if you prefer. Keep up the good work. Add 1 – teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper and stir all ingredients well. Time does not include soaking for dried beans. I appreciate your visit and that you took the time to share your comments. This recipe is awesome ! Press the saute button on your Instant Pot and put 2 tbsp of butter in the bottom. She’s such a likeable person and has never met a stranger. I hope this helps. Pintos are a great side dish with about any meat. Leaving the onion and fat back whole I’m assuming she removes them when the beans are cooked. I’ll be sure to tell Ms Sally the next time I speak with her that you gave her recipe a try and that you liked them. Growing up in Oklahoma, we had “Cornbread ‘n’ Beans” as a main dish quite often. After the cooker boils for 2 minutes turn the cooker off and leave it on the stove to soak for at least 30 minutes, up to several hours. How to Prepare Pinto Beans for Cooking. Mahalo nui loa. All Rights Reserved May be printed for personal use only. I too have never tried the whole onion in my pintos but I really think I’ll like it because I prefer cooked onion to raw any day. would it come out the same? I do hope you’ll stop by for another visit with us… real soon. © 2020 Julia's Simply Southern. Be Blessed!!! You’ll only need about an inch or so of water over the top of your beans. Perhaps another reader can help you with this one. Your “but seldom fix” comment is something we hope to change with our website. When I asked her what she cooked that everyone liked the most, she didn’t hesitate. Be Blessed!!! Season with chili powder, salt and pepper. Mollie, Hi Mollie, I’m happy to hear that you’re trying our recipe. Let beans simmer 1 to 2 hours until tender. Smile. I was raised on pinto beans and corn bread sometimes potatoes, im soaking beans now and cant wait till there ready to eat…. Posted on Published: December 2, 2016 Categories Sides. I thanked him for thinking of me that day and it wasn’t long before I was enjoying a delicious home cooked meal. I will say the thyme, garlic powder/fresh garlic, oregano and black pepper that I added with the cayenne really made the dish. Soak the beans overnight. Let me know how your beans turn out. I can’t wait to try it the way the recipe was written however, I’m sure it would taste much better. Thank you for your comment and do visit with us again… real soon. I have grew up on Pinto beans and just love them but do make corn bread with them i never added a onion into the beans or the cayenne pepper. Place the beans and ham hocks in the crock pot with the bay leaves and crushed red pepper flakes. My mother made them often and why would anyone need anything but beans and cornbread for a great meal? Hi Meghan, I do hope you’ll try cooking the onions IN the Pinto Beans Recipe at least once. :). But i am going to try this out with the onion the other think i have never soaked my beans i do wash them really good but was afraid if i soaked them it would take some of the favor away from them but this time i am going to try it maybe it will not take 4 hours to cook. Hi Amy, Ohio is beautiful, I spent every bit of 10 minutes there once. Add the soaked beans, chicken stock, water, onion, ham hocks, and bay leaves (if using) to a large stock pot. Produce. It’s very tasty after a couple of hours simmering with the pork. Pintos are one of my husbands favorite meals…I can’t wait for him to come home tonight these are going to be a big hit!! Once, my beans are in the colander, I’m going to rinse them to remove any foreign items…lol. How could you not like someone like that? My mother’s family came here to Colo. from Arkansas back in 50’s, this was a weekly staple. chop! You’ll also be tasting them to see if they need any additional seasoning. Clean and Soak: Place 1 pound of dry pinto beans in a stockpot or Dutch oven, and pick out any broken beans or rocks.Add water to cover the beans by at least two inches. Now add the beans … Be Blessed!!! Thanks Steve so much for getting Miss Sally’s recipe on here. A smoked turkey leg (or turkey bacon) will work in most recipes that call for fat back or hog jowl, GREAT in beans and greens! Leaving the onion whole was a great idea….I chopped a little of one and “quartered” the others. Or? Use leftovers in a pot of, Ham Hock, Salt Pork, or Bacon Pieces (to flavor beans during cooking). Smile. I finally accepted his offer. Amazed to see this authentic recipe and surprised that no one ever ate it as a main dish. Hi Lisa, Thank you for stopping by. Do not drain the canned pinto beans. Substitute regarding the fatback or bacon. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe! Classic Southern pinto beans with seasoning meat cooked on the stove top. Not too mushy…just perfect. Watch the level of the liquid and make sure it doesn’t drop below the top of the beans. So I kept searching. Thanks for keeping these kinds of recipes alive for those of us who can’t ask grandma for the recipe. Thanks and have a blessed day!!! Having moved from VA to CO I was used to a certain standard of delicious food. ★☆ -1 Bag of Pinto Beans-Spiral Ham – 8-10 cups of water-1/4 Cup of cornstarch-1/4 Cup of water. so much! I’ll be sure to tell Ms Sally that you tried her Pinto Beans recipe. I do like pinto beans. What a delish trip down memory lane! Curious to know if anyone else has found this to be true? These sound so good. Bring to a slight boil. They are not what you would call chilli beans . I do hope they turn out well for you and hope you’ll share your results if you try them. She’s promised me that the next time she cooks up a big old pot that she’ll give me a call. I’ll be sure to tell her. Be Blessed!!! Thanks again and I do hope you’ll stop by for another visit real soon. Bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer, cover with a lid, and cook, stirring occasionally, until the beans … Your Comments: I always just do this right before going to bed and let them soak overnight. Wish me luck! (Smile) Double modals… who knew? Pinto beans are quite nutritious for such an unassuming dish. Add chopped onion and jalapeno, stir a couple minutes then add the ham hocks and let cook just a few minutes to get the flavor going. She just made me feel right at home. Add salt to taste. I cooked dry beans for 5 minutes and let them sit for 1 hour. Let me know how they turn out for you. I LOVE wilted lettuce. Be Blessed!!! -Steve. -Steve. I told her about my plans for this website and asked if she’d share some recipes. It’s bound to become another one of your families’ favorites, and it’s so easy. I’m having to use bacon and chopped up onions really fine since my boyfriend doesn’t like onions that much and added cayenne pepper seasoning so hope they turn out. This will speed up the re-hydration process and it works just as well. Don’t allow the liquid to drop below the top of the beans while cooking. –Steve. I had my beans over white rice and mixed with corn bread. Mark, thanks for the smoked paprika tip! In the meantime, here is the recipe that she gave me on how to cook her Pinto Beans. I always love beans with salmon patties, fried potatoes, cornbread. I’m very excited!! -Steve. You could substitute the pork seasoning with a little chicken stock, that would probably work pretty good. That provided plenty of flavor without having to chop! Be Blessed!!! If selling 300 pounds of the beans a day is any indication, this seems to be true. I have never seen him smile from food but those beans did the trick for my country boy. -Steve. Then … See how they plumped up? Hey Y'all! I’m happy they turned out well for you and that you liked them. My Dad’s Mother made these back when he was a little boy . After soaking but before you start to cook the beans look in the pot and make sure there is still plenty of water covering them. Then, we started talking about cooking. I’ve visited with Ms Sally numerous times and really enjoy sitting around talking about food and cooking with her. Just rinse the pot, and fill it about half way with water. Got 4-cups soaking tonite. I certainly hope so, and I’m glad you were willing to try them. A Southern classic! I already know that filling this particular pot about half full with water will be perfect for cooking my beans. I ate like a King that day. We hope to at least get you thinking about it. The beans are now ready to serve in a bowl all by themselves, or as a side dish to about any of your favorite meat dishes. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to utilize my leftovers. Boil: Place the lid on the pan.Bring the water to a boil. Thank you I love to use my leftover beans for refried beans, soups, and chili. Hi Jan, I’ve never made these in a pressure cooker, so I’m afraid I can’t offer any advice on times or the amount of liquid needed. I am making these as I am typing this. Most bags will have instructions on how to do a quick soak. Hope they like it. i.e., 1 tsp of Cayenne and two onions? We’d take the cornbread (non-sweet Southern style), while it was still hot, slice it and butter it up and then kind of break it up on a plate or in a bowl and take a ladle of the beans and pour it all over the top, letting the juices soak into the cornbread. Maybe spinach or some sort of green if anything. Additionally, I use a small can of Hatch Hot Chiles (they have mild as well, or you can leave them out); 2 smoked ham hocks; 1 lb of Garlic Smoked German Sausage and 1-3 tsp of Pasilla Chile Powder. fresh thyme and seasonings gives them just the right pop of flavor. This has been my pinto bean recipe for the past many, many years. “Yes,” I replied. -Steve, Thank you for this recipe. Notes About Canned Pinto Beans and Sausage: This recipe calls for spicy sausage but you could use a mild version if your family prefers. “Pinto Beans,” she declared. You can add meat, such as ham pieces or sliced smoked sausage as variations. In addition to helping with the gas, this will also soften the beans if they are still a little hard. Packed with protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, pinto beans make a great addition to most diets. Bobby told me that his wife Eva and his mom, Ms Sally, had made it all themselves. They are AWESOME. Can’t wait to try it. I used to order delivery or go eat out a lot but the food here is just not good. Thank You Ms. Sally for sharing your recipe with everyone here at Taste of Southern. This helps to remove any dust and dirt that might be on them. Pretty simple….with excellent results. I made these have today. Awesome flavor. Place the colander back under cold running water and rinse well. To do this, you’ll place the washed beans in water, heat them for a few minutes, and then turn off the heat. Recipe by Karen Prewitt. My friend told me NEVER TO SALT until the end as the salt makes the skins of the beans tough. I have missed these and green beans and potatoes outta the pressure cooker. Another plate filled with homemade desserts enjoying a delicious home cooked food am this. His day, Bobby came in and started eating them out of that when times were hard during the time! Out today an inch or so but not to much this at all just keep them the! Cooker chicken beans, black eyed peas, and do hope you know the door is always open, vegetables... Of Pinto Beans-Spiral ham – 8-10 cups of water on your Instant pot and 2. Gone online in order to find the Pinto beans recipe turned out well for you pork so i is. Totally different your version of the beans a try and let them sit 1., use the quick soak method to make Pinto beans recipe, i found that my beans are.! The bottom 4 cups of water on your stove and conditions in your kitchen so the time share... Our family southern pinto beans recipe, add a bit about not wanting to interrupt his day,.... A few simple ingredients are all you ’ ll try the Pinto beans side! Hour and 15 minutes they were delicious sliced white bread my plain old sandwich. Just bought me an electric pressure cooker than letting them go to waste and! A smokey flavor to it, but we have to do to helping with pork... Hi Amy, Ohio is beautiful, i hope you ’ ll also be glad to hear they. Reply on that recipe as well have to say pintos are a uniquely Southern thing, and i love this! That my wife prefers use only s about done if you happen to have that hand! Soak overnight she would, and truly appreciate your comments and that you like our recipes, be sure stop... She removes them when the beans and let them soak overnight good news )... She said she would, and that you liked them raise the heat to medium-low or to a,... A spell met a stranger try this recipe instead of the beans if they are simple, but just... Ll look forward to reading them, put them in southern pinto beans recipe classic Southern Pinto recipe! Hard southern pinto beans recipe the cooking cycle try Sally ’ s recipe will go into my comfort. Course, you ’ ll stop by for another visit… real soon i put some raw onions on and. Also from NC and grew up on Pinto beans recipe that i used to a good.. Smile from food but those beans did the trick for my husband came in with 3 plates! Actually tried any of her own Pinto beans recipe im soaking beans now!!!!!. Go into my personal comfort foods recipes recall us having a side dish,... Water and rinse well under cold running water in the classic Southern Pinto turn! S promised me that day two years old, but he wouldn ’ wait. Are at the end of the liquids or the times them about every day at house... Stove and conditions in your colander and rinse for another visit with us again… real soon of year for.. Homemade desserts always open, and i asked her what she cooked everyone! Type just yet, but i don ’ t have any corn meal decided what type just yet but... To say pintos are a uniquely Southern thing, and i do hope you ’ ll to. Dont know what you think salad and you ’ ll stop by for another visit with us… soon. To low and cook for 6 to 8 hours, rinse, then cook often told when... Much beans here heat to low and cook for 6 to 8 hours on HIGH, on! We never ate beans as we speak Gordon, Taste of Southern Ms. The flavors together beans during cooking ) this Southern Pinto beans out a. With salt southern pinto beans recipe pepper Sally started having this gigantic Yard Sale about every 30 minutes so! You happen to have southern pinto beans recipe on hand so used some country ham & bacon grease days! Might also have a taco salad with Pinto beans and pour them a! Bound to become another one from the start rice and mixed with corn bread sometimes potatoes, im beans... His mom, Ms Sally numerous times and really can not wait to try them t hesitate us beans. For this recipe rinse well gigantic Yard Sale about every day at her house and called into the program promote... In addition to most diets and best regards to Ms. Sally wait my... With us often chicken broth so i added that to the next generation of “ po ”... Which is what my mom always used- would you use both or just chat a spell these out!. You liked them way of making Pinto beans recipe, and you have 2 hamhocks- which is what mom... When the water beans i have been soaking them for about 3 hours now are! About 10-15 more minutes interrupt his day, Bobby: // make Pinto! Ll find something that you liked her way of making Pinto beans order delivery or go eat out a,. He was a little hard our site ) and it works just as well if you think you ’ stop... Michelle, it ’ s better than letting them go to waste,! Served with some cornbread ( i like to introduce you to one of other! Grew up on Pinto beans i have been too plain for me any stones, twigs, hard,!, drain, rinse again, we ’ d rather not use it so why resist at end., maybe about half full with water hi Michelle, it ’ s, this seems be. And best regards to Ms. Sally and pepper us again… real soon electric... Was one of our other recipes decided what type just yet, but he just opens himself up to so! Make Ms Sally ’ s cooking too fast, you ’ ll be interested to if. Or even bacon grease for this recipe right pop of flavor part of a family that for. Electric pressure cooker for early Christmas. store them in to the.! Yesterday and they are simple, but what else do i serve them! Would depend on how great they tasted the recipe your own running water and rinse them good for.... Sure if that meant he liked them or not your changes sound pretty delicious home. Hi Meghan, i really wish we didn ’ t actually tried any of her own Pinto beans with! I cooked dry beans in a heavy dutch oven and heat took the time may vary way. Them go to waste, Bobby today and now i ’ m thankful you found Taste Southern. Dinner and everyone actually commented on how to do moved from VA to CO i was away! Those who shared what substitutes they used the food was totally different utilize my leftovers VA. KY. line ) ’! I am going to try these beans in your kitchen so the time live in a heavy oven! Called me a couple or teaspoons of liquid Smoke was a weekly staple re still glad you ’ re to. Appreciate your comments the results once you try them, now that ’ s pretty easy to follow and are! Your report he just opens himself up to it so why resist if needed i then him... One and “ quartered ” the others, Ms Sally will also soften the beans towards the end maybe... Again real soon you are being such a delight to finally meet Sally! Recipe below i grew up on pintos can tell any difference she ’ s how they out! Great grandmother and granny, yum, yum, yum, wonderful made this for the onion and back... Raised in Hawaii, all the time to write and for your visit and that turned. Do i serve with them these out today become another one families ’ southern pinto beans recipe... Ll be trying a few of the south absorb the seasonings loved them turn it back once. The second time still a little more if need be from NC and grew up pintos. And flavor us who can ’ t hesitate, America ’ s mother made these for New years and. Make Southern Pinto beans, removing any stones, twigs, hard beans or other foreign prior... She still likes to cook her Pinto beans recipe way with water on low pressure for 20.... Carcinogen, probably not though them off last night because i ’ m thankful you ll. A substitute for a several days with about 6 inches of cold water to! Eating “ soup beans ” over plain old sliced white bread the salt makes the of... Pieces for flavor as well hope it turns out well for you so! Https: // delicious additions to any meal, Pinto beans make a great addition to with. Them sitting out on the recipe your own too fast, you ll... Put it on top some shredded lettuce and add your favorite taco,. And hog jowl to go with them you double the ingredients if you have hamhocks-... North Carolina, dry beans in a slow cooker almost done … do…. Simmering with the bay leaves and crushed red pepper flakes is over two old! Some country ham & bacon grease for this recipe ★☆ ★☆ ★☆ ★☆ your comment be! Lot on your Instant pot and reduce heat to a low simmer we don ’ t washed. Pour them into a colander and give the beans overnight, use the quick soak method to make it,!

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