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Will survive in any type of soil but likes well-drained soil best. Loves warm climate and will not tolerate temperature below 20F. Liz Rayen (author) from California on January 20, 2014: poetrymsn6969... Florida has an abundance of species. The fascination with palms is strong I think because of the many different species and uses. Liz Rayen (author) from California on July 31, 2020: Palm trees will be I heaven...They are mentioned in the Bible, that’s what I live about them. This thick trunk has provided the ponytail palm with nicknames such as the bottle palm and the elephant foot tree. There are so many palms that thrive in your zone and other tropical zones, such as the south pacific. Feather-like dark green leaves that grow outward and approximately 2ft. For example, if the tree has a tall, slender trunk, coconuts, and feather-shaped fronds, it’s likely a coconut palm. I think most of us always think about warm tropical climate when you think of palm trees. I agree with you.. Liz Rayen (author) from California on January 15, 2019: It's hard to identify without a picture. I found my favorite palm tree to be the Areca Palm. and we have many different kinds of palms. Have a great day! Currently, date palm trees growing in Israel were imported from surrounding countries. Produces green flowers on long stalks below the crownshaft and followed by small shiny non-edible fruits that turn black when ripe. Thank you! Where that may be true for most of them.. there are some species that I wouldn't mind looking up to see if they would survive the mountains. Mahalo for your comment and the Thumbs up! With your safety gear on, approach the palm tree and begin cutting. By studying the trunk of the palm tree, you will be able to see if there is only a single trunk that extends from the ground or several trunks that are clustered together. I'm glad you enjoyed it and found it useful. Learn about classic types of palm trees, including date palm, hardy Chinese windmill palm and zombie palm, from the experts at HGTV Gardens. This is a great indicator of what type of palm tree you are looking at and decide which the best species for your area is. Thanks for writing and sharing with us. Aloha, my friend! Native to Cuba, the Royal Palm is known for its unique bulb like trunk that swells at its base then again below where the leaf attaches to its trunk. The Chinese Fan Palms, also known as Chinese Fountain Palms and Fountain Palms are also from the Arecaceae family. (The brown leaves in the background belong to an American beech–Fagus grandifolia.) Voted up as useful and interesting, Lisa :), Thank you Peggy! The Palm Tree is very beautiful, I think. Madagascar palm trunk and thorns pattern Pachypodium lamerei trunk with large thorns. ♥. I learned a lot from reading your Hub; very informative. Mary Hyatt from Florida on April 29, 2013: I live in S. Fl. It can reach a height of 8-10… ♥. They are frequently used to create a garden oasis for hotels, condominiums, homes, and businesses. The tips of the leaves, which originated as spines as the fronds developed, can be sharp and dangerous. Photo about Tropical tree trunk with thorns, exotic plant. The Areca Palm, the Bismarck Palm, and the Chinese Fan Palm listed above provides you with examples of what pertinent information you need when trying to decide what palms to plant. Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on April 29, 2013: Great hub about the different palm trees. Treathyl FOX from Austin, Texas on August 31, 2013: This article was better than looking up info in a boring encyclopedia. ♥, Ahhh Natashalh.. One of the most beautiful and exquisite trees in the world is the palm tree. Thank you Nithya (Vellur)! You know us, eh? I learn many things about this plant. Image of garden, pattern, focus - 140886199 This is despite the sweet taste of its seed pods and the fact that the tree is deer-resistant and can tolerate heat, drought and poor, salty soil. Thanks for your support, votes, shares, and love! Got them 51 years ago in Arizona on our honeymoon Not sure what they are. Single “bottle-shaped” trunk (2ft in diameter), ring scars, green crownshaft top, Produces white flowers followed by black berry-like oval-shaped fruits, Slow growing palm that will reach between 10-20 ft tall and 10-15 wide, Can be grown indoors in a pot as well as outdoors within your landscaping, Not cold hardy and will not tolerate frost. Exposure to these plants is the greatest risk factor for plant thorn arthritis… The tree produces bright orange fruit known as pindo dates which are used to make jelly because of their naturally high … Its thorns reach lengths as long as inches. We can't grow them here that's for sure. Here’s another close view of the thorns . Palm trees are so beautiful when the leaves are neatly lined with towering. on April 28, 2013: I've learned so much from reading your excellent hub on Palm Trees. Clustered. The thorns on its trunk and branches make the honey locust not as popular in parks or gardens as it might be. Look for the final touches. We see all different types of palm trees growing in Houston. Enjoyed your hub voted up. They have the ability to grow to a height of 20-40 feet and can also be wider than they are tall. Palms do grow in a very unique way, don't they? The Chinese Fan Palm grows yellowish-cream flowers which are followed by small oval fruits that are about 1 inch long. This palm requires moderate watering in moist, but well-drained soil. Thank you for your comments and shares. The first thing you will want to look at when identifying your palm tree are the fronds. The surprising reality is that there are over 2,600 species of palm trees, and even more surprisingly, there are some species of palm trees that are bred to withstand temperate climates including cold winters. The plants that commonly cause plant thorn arthritis are those that produce thorns. Thank you vocalcoach! https://www.gettyimages.com/photos/tree-with-thorns-on-trunk It grows easily, and is less maintainable. Can grow to 50'-75' tall and 30' wide in ideal conditions, the fronds are feather shaped and medium green in color with a crownshaft that overlaps each other as they attach to the palms trunk. Way to go, island girl! ♥, Awwweee... hello my little blackbird (shingirisheyes) I know! Thank you. The green fruits will turn dark blue or blue-gray when ripe. (PS.. This is actually weirdly useful to me! When I did my research, I was surprised at all the different species as well. Close-up photo of the beautiful yellow trunk with conical thorns of the tropical tree Ceiba growing in a public park in Valencia, Spain Pachypodium lamerei trunk with large thorns. Select 100 images or less to download. So good to see you! The easiest and best way to find out is to check with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) hardiness zone for your area. The Lipstick Palm is also known as Sealing Wax Palm, Rajah Palm, and Red Sealing Wax Palm. There are many wonderful books and garden websites that can help you further in your search for the right palms. Ruchira from United States on April 29, 2013: I love palm tress and you have provided an extensive hub on it. Thank you for the share as well. I'm sorry I can't be any more help to you. It produces white flowers, fruit similar to crab apples and red-purple fall foliage. I will share this link. Below are a few more palms along with a short list of their characteristics to help give you an idea of what to look for when deciding what palm species to plant in your area. I will pay more attention to these trees when I see them. It has about a 3/4" diameter trunk. The Areca easily maintains its regal appearance. The thorns are VERY sharp and if a pet gets stuck/scratched with it, the wound will swell and act infected. Landscape uses: A favorite among many palm tree fans, the Canary Island palm form makes a bold statement in the tropical landscape or indoors. As soon as you are done the leaves should shape a half hover at the highest point of the palm tree. Long single gray trunks and long pinnate leaves. This will make the palm more vulnerable to breaking during strong winds. Bottle Palm Dwarf - Not cold hardy and will not tolerate frost. Loves partial shade to full sun and moderate maintenance is required. These beautiful palms are considered ornamental and are used in gardens that are found in tropical and subtropical regions. I live in SC and visitors where I work are always asking about the various palms and I usually just have to shrug at them. I can just imagine moonlake! Boards are the best place to save images and video clips. wonder if they would live outside in Salem, Oregon. My tree grows white flowers. Areca palms have multiple silver-green trunks at the base that are topped with yellowish-green pinnate leaves on yellow petioles (the stalk that joins a leaf to a stem; leafstalk). In much cooler or temperate zones, the “Dwarf Species” will manage to reach a height of only about 10 feet. The petioles (the stalk that joins a leaf to a stem; leafstalk) are thorny, and the fronds range in color of bluish-green to a subtle olive green. Any idea what it is - it's in a small planted and I would like to know how big it will grow. Fishtail Palm (Caryota mitis) The fishtail palm is one of our favorite indoor palm plants. These beautiful palms are known for their short fat trunks with a grayish overtone. Too many images selected. Also a member of the Arecaceae family, it is also known as the Bismark Palm, Bismarckia Palm, Nobilis Palm. Deb Hirt from Stillwater, OK on April 29, 2013: Great info, Lisa. I'll teach ya how to make dividers) ♥. Is it Time to Trim? Liz Rayen (author) from California on September 07, 2013: Thank you so much cmoneyspinner1tf ! It all depends if it is a fruit bearing tree. Voting up, useful, awesome, beautiful, interesting and will pin and share! It can survive outdoors in mild winter areas, such as Phoenix, or grown indoors as a container plant. Palm trees are very popular when it comes to landscaping. This popular palm is native to China and southern Japan. Canary Island Date Palm is most impressive with its single, upright, thick trunk topped It was a lot of fun researching this topic. Up, useful, interesting and pinning this to my trees board. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Botanical Name: Chamaedorea elegans. The Chilian wine palm (Jubaea chilensis) is the world's most massive palm, reaching 100 feet in height with a trunk up to 5 feet in diameter. The list is endless when it comes to the variety and species of the palm tree. The Bismarck Palm is a favorite in Florida. These Tips on How to Care for a Madagascar Palm Tree are Pure Gold. Audrey Hunt from Idyllwild Ca. Palm trees can grow very tall and large, spiky fronds can be unwieldy. The fruit will begin to develop when the plant’s approximately 6 to 10 years of age. Nithya Venkat from Dubai on April 28, 2013: Great hub and I have learned a lot about Palm trees today. I have a palm that showed up in my yard without being planted. The fronds are palmate with something that looks like strings hanging from them. These beautiful palms are known for their short fat trunks with a grayish overtone. Insignificant thorns also grow on the leaf stalks. ♥, Thank you so much Ruchira! Great hub. As I suggested to Carol below, you can take a picture of the tree (preferably) with the flowers if they are still blooming, and take it to your local nursery for positive identification. (The multi-trunk species of palm trees are usually shorter than the single trunk species.). Palm trees are identified and named because of the familiar and distinguished characteristics of their fan-shaped or palmate fronds, unique trunks, amazing height and growth rates, and their stems. Flowers are followed by fruits called “coconuts”. {{collectionsDisplayName(searchView.appliedFilters)}}, {{searchText.groupByEventToggleImages()}}, {{searchText.groupByEventToggleEvents()}}. For many, the palm tree is most commonly thought of as that traditional long trunk specimen with coconuts hanging under its majestic fronds which are traditionally found in the tropics such as Hawaii, Bahamas, and the Caribbean. To learn more from our Horticulturist co-author, like what tools work best for pruning a palm tree, keep reading! This first photo show a several year old "sapling". Araucaria araucana. Hawaiian Odysseus from Southeast Washington state on April 28, 2013: I didn't realize that there were so many different kinds of palm trees. Single. I particularly love the palms with the feathered frond that drape over each other. Also, determined the color of the fronds, most of the time they will be green, but there are fronds that will have more of a bluish-green shade or a silvery-grey shade to them. The tropics are perfect for such :). There are quite a few palms that actually to quite well in dry and drought conditions. Nice to see you again! prasetio30 from malang-indonesia on April 29, 2013: I really enjoy reading this hub. Collect, curate and comment on your files. The base of the leaves at the single trunkcriss cross and are Black and Tan. Coconut is one of the most recognizable and most useful fruits in the world. 1). I would love to have a date palm! It is native to southeast Asia and features leaves which are shaped like fish tails. Chamaerops humilis is a shrub-like clumping palm, with several stems growing from a single base.It has an underground rhizome which produces shoots with palmate, sclerophyllous leaves.. This small, thick trunk is not an actual palm tree but a member of the cactus family. In their native Chile, they are cut for their sap which is turned into a product resembling maple syrup. Perfect year-round temperatures range from 75-85F. Happy you enjoyed the article! I certainly have a greater appreciation for palms now that I've read your hub. Brilliant red-orange crownshaft. The stems or “petioles” (the stalk that joins a leaf to a stem; leafstalk) will display teeth, spines, or thorns. The fronds will arch over and could extend 10-or-20 feet beyond the trunk. Pygmy date palm trees have small, yellow hued flowers, which give way to tiny purplish dates born on a thin solitary trunk with deep green fronds forming a crown. These palms can be used as feature trees, for shade, as screens or as hedges. (hope this is helpful). Because of its large, mature height and width, be sure you allow enough space. This Asian tree for zone 5 … Areca Palms are often used as indoors as a houseplant. This majestic date palm tree is highly valued in residential and business landscapes. The tree bears fruit throughout the year with a yearly production of 50 to 200 coconuts for each palm tree, based on the palm variety and growing conditions. What is even more surprising to me is that there are many species that are tolerant to cold weather. Pindo palm (Butia capitata) The pindo palm has long feathery leaves in a blue-green color that arch toward the ground from a 12-18″ trunk. Have a blessed day ♥. Areca Palms come from the Arecaceae family, also referred to as bamboo palm, golden cane palm, and butterfly palm. Never cut off the crown of a palm tree, and be sure to wait one year before trimming your tree again. Thank you for all the lovely photos which really help to identify each specie of palm tree. Loved getting more information in regards to it. Green trunk with large brown thorns of Ceiba pentandra tree on a median strip Thorney runk of the Pink Floss-Silk Tree Ceiba speciosa - the silk floss tree The texture is a wooden green tree, the plants are chorused with sharp large dangerous convex terrible natural prickly thorns and I have a fan palm with 1/2 inch round black fruit. We have a lot of date palms here in California. I use to love our palm trees in California. The size of palm trees varies significantly. I will keep looking though and see id I can find what you are describing. It loves partial shade to full sun areas. . Be very careful when reaching in and removing dead fronds, as some palm tree leaves are very sharp and contain tiny hairs that can irritate your skin. I love date palms myself. Will these become fruit? Perfect for pots and grown indoors as an ornamental plant as well as outdoors. At first I thought maybe Date Palm.. or perhaps one of the exotic palms that are grown in places like Jamaica. Pindo Palm (Butia capitata) Trees - cold hardy Palms (Butia capitata) are cold hardy to 12 -15 degrees (lower depending on the age and growth of the cold hardy palm tree), Pindo Palms are the hardiest Feather leaf palm in wide cultivation. The fan-shaped fronds can reach anywhere up to 5ft wide. I also want to mention how cute the palm tree dividers are. Can be grown in pots as well as outdoors. I hope this helps you to not shrug so much from now on! ♥. The Areca Palm produces small bright yellow flowers during late spring to early summer. Public Domain - Palm Tree by Petr Kratochvil. Areca Palms come from the Arecaceae family, also referred to as bamboo palm, golden cane palm, and butterfly palm. Growth rate is slow-moderate and can grow up to 50ft tall. Moderate growth rate. . I have 2 palm trees that are tall and skinny. 3. This will help you to avoid all the thorns and sharp fronds. Have a blessed day! It is inexpensive, requiring only a little maintenance such as removing old and dead leaves around the trunk otherwise giving it the look of a ‘hula skirt’. If the spider mite is visible, try spray misting the plant with soapy water. The "tree" is extremely dificult to kill. Native to Malaysia and also known as the Red Sealing Wax Palm. It will show you how some palms will thrive only in zone 10 or 11, while other species can thrive in more northern zones such as zone 7 or 6. What Palm Has Three Trunks?. If you look at the base of an Areca palm, you will notice multiple stem growth. The date palm tree bears spines/thorns four-to-six inches long. Others will exhibit trunks that have old fronds that have laid down creating a crosshatch pattern which gives the tree a hairy appearance. After 2-3 months of blooming, light greenish-yellow fruit are produced and eventually turn yellow-orange when ripe. Even the common King Palm can unleash a twenty pound frond now and then that can at least give on a respectable bruise. Liz Rayen (author) from California on April 30, 2013: Thank you pinto. 2. This large, stately palm often reaches a size too massive for most residential landscapes but, fortunately, it is very slow-growing and will take a considerable amount of time to reach its 50 to 60-foot-height (Fig. I'm so happy you enjoyed it. The thorns are large enough to see at a some distance from the tree … Perhaps you can check with your local nursery to find out the correct species. Grows best in well-drained soils but will also tolerate drought. Gardenerdy provides all the information on how to care for a Madagascar Palm tree. Well known for growing coconuts all year long, beginning at the age of 6-10 for 80 years. Woman in Hammock in White Sand - Palm Trees - Tropical Beach Concept summer with green palm leaf from tropical . I love palm trees as well and I was certainly amazed on how many species there are. Shining Irish Eyes from Upstate, New York on April 29, 2013: Go figure! Low-moderate maintenance. Ideal for growing in USDA Zones 10b (35-40F) to 11 (above 40F). However, some palms have clustered trunks, while others have no trunk at all. When identifying palm trees, you want to look for the characteristics of a palm species that will be suitable for the climate in your area and in some cases, the soil condition. Voted up :-). Liz Rayen (author) from California on April 28, 2013: Mahalo nui Joe! Can you help identify? How to Grow Pygmy Date Palm Trees. On a mature Honey locust tree, clusters of these large, multi-branched thorns grow along the tree’s trunk. Not cold hardy. I agree! Ideal for USDA Zones 10a (30-35F) to 11 (above 40F). ♥. Can grow up to 100ft, but usually will grow 20-30ft. They have the ability to grow 40 feet tall. With so many different varieties of the palm tree, it is very important to know which species will thrive in your area (or zone). 9 About 500 AD date palm trees (P. dactylifera) died or were destroyed in Israel, however, trees remained in large numbers in Syria. ♥, Ahhhh Mary.. you are in palm tree heaven there! It has a shiny silver trunk covered with cactus-like thorns and leaves forming at the top like a palm tree. How to ID it: This palm has a thick trunk and dense, arching fronds. It was a fascinating subject to research. I'm so glad you enjoyed the hub. SC is a great zone for palms as well because of the humidity. Its majestic fronds are silvery in color and grown vertically from toothed petioles. There are some species of palm trees that will exhibit smooth trunks with visible scarring from old fronds that have fallen off as the tree continues to grow. As time passes, the spines on the trunk and older stems of the harigiri tree (Kalopanax septemlobus) wane away, but the new growth has no shortage of thorns. We had 3, but when our son died his died. Your hub is so easy to read because of your efficient and easy-on-the-eyes presentation. The monolithic trees grow very slowly, however, taking hundreds of years to reach this size. You're so clever and artistic. The stems grow slowly and often tightly together, eventually reaching 2–5 m (10–20 ft) tall with a trunk … Palm trees with more than one trunk have a variety of uses in the landscape. The Mexican Fan Palm Tree (Washingtonia Robusta) also called the Washington Palm or Skyscraper, is a very popular fast growing indoor/outdoor palm tree. The trunks are marked with scars that are produced by old fronds. Monkey puzzle tree trunk and ... Tree trunk spikes thorns thorn honey locust danger Close up of a small fir or pine tree. 5. Are they fan-shaped or feather-like (pinnate)? Detail of palm tree trunk with dried branches breaking off. Pro Tip: Over trimming a palm tree can lead to narrowing the trunk. The leaves are approximately 6’ – 10’ long and are arched beautifully representing butterfly wings. These particular species grow rapid in a tropical climate. The one mostly associated to a palm tree is single trunk. A native palm to the island of Madagascar, this massive palm is perfect for any landscaping effect, especially when using it as a screening, placed for shading, and especially as a focal point. It is a species of flowering plants and a native to Madagascar. Multiple clusters of slender, smooth trunks that are slightly swollen at the base. The trunk of a silk floss tree. Thank you for the vote up and shares. ♥, Thank you prasetio30. Cut each frond at least 2 inches (5.08 cm) from the trunk, and prune away flowers and developing fruit if your species grows them. Ideal for USDA Zones 10a (30-35F) to 11 (above 40F), Loves shade and can survive in full sun with plenty watering, Easy to maintain. Subhas from New Delhi, India on April 30, 2013: I think all over the world people are fascinated by palm trees and by making them know about them you have increased the attachment.

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